December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!

"Whenever I see girls and boy selling lanterns on the street, I remember the child in the manger as he sleeps..."

This are the famous lines that I always get to hear every time my dad plays a Christmas song when the calendar reaches its "-ber" month. I have been listening to this same song for the past years and I still never get tired of it and whenever I heard of this song no matter where I am. It reminds me of home. Home a word that makes my heart flutter and warm. Home a word that rings happiness to my ears.

Home the most perfect place to spend Christmas together with your loved ones which I whole heartily agree. This are one of the things that I enjoy doing the most. My family and I loved Christmas. The days passed so very fast and now it's FINALLY HERE! 

December 29, 2014

Just before Christmas

Happy Holidays to each and everyone! 

Christmas is here and I'm pretty sure that this post of mine will be posted and will be read after Christmas and I'm right. Fufufu

Anyways, what did you do during your holidays? Did you enjoyed it as much as I do? Did you went to other places to spend the holidays? Did you receive a lot of presents for this year? 

On my end, I didn't expect anything but I was utterly surprised by the gifts that I received. Size and prize doesn't matter to me, as long as it is heartily given I'll gladly accept it with open arms. Speaking of which, It all started when my TL from work gave each of us, her members, a cute and simple tokens namely a coin purse in various designs. I, on the other hand, picked this cute lollipop designed purse, the first gift I received for this year.

December 18, 2014

Christmas is in the Air

Christmas is in near and I can almost literally smell it in the air. 

Question is...can you?

December 11, 2014

The Glow

Ever since I was a little girl I've always dreamed of being a princess. To find my Prince Charming one day and the idea of "Happily Ever After". I can say that this mainly the influence of watching too many Disney movies which I grew up with.

I can still remember the time, when my mom used to play "The Little Mermaid" on beta-max, she would left me sitting there watching while my mom would continue doing her unfinished task. Since then, I have always been a huge fan of Disney movies, in fact, I still am. Many years have already gone by and I still watch it whenever I have the time, just to relax, reminisce, cry, fall in love and have hope. This always manage to give me a boost whenever I feel down. For each movie, for each story, there's always a lesson to learn and thoughts to ponder.

But, do you know what I love about most of Disney's movies aside from their stories? It's their songs. ^_^ It has a lot of feels and majestic each in its own way. I hum and sing those songs whenever I feel like it.

Speaking of feels and majestic, here's a song that I just recently heard which made my day and made me glow.

The Glow 
by Shannon Saunders


We are a princess in each in our own way, we don't need a tiara for that to happen. We just need to believe in ourselves and trust in our hearts. 

December 4, 2014

Throwback: Friends through and through

Tifa: Eh? She's calling
Mau: Keep smiling you guys Mac's about to take the shot.
Cherry: She's really calling. Shall we answer?
Tifa: No! Don't
(Cherry went ahead and swiped the screen)
Cherry: O.o the lock isn't working
Me: What are gonna do? it's  not ringing anymore.
Mau: Just keep smiling and be natural. Oh he says ready! cheese!

I miss this. ♥

Who would have thought that what we thought was an eminent down pour of rain turns out to be a ray of sunshine?

Sunshine in both the physical sense and the abstract sense. How wonderful must that have felt. I, too, am glad that I have a ray of sunshine with me. A sunshine that still glows even the sky is somber. A sunshine that when you feel cold, you'll be enveloped with warmth inside and out.

Thats what my friends are to me, a ray of sunshine. Bright, alive and real.

I miss this.

I miss them.

Let's do some of these next time guys.


Photo credits to Mau Sarcon

December 1, 2014


It's the first day of December everyone!!!

What a good way to start the holidays other than by reading a good ole book. Oh, not just any book but The Hunger Games. I did mention that I was rereading them and did a synopsis to the last two in honor of the Mockingjay movie, didn't I?

Uhuh! Good memory you guys! so without further ado here's the last book of the best-selling series.


In the last and final installment of the The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Can we still say the odds are never in their favor?

We shall see...

Now, that there is no more District 12.


Upon learning that there is no more District 12, Katniss struggles her life in District 13 as she struggles in this new place and holding herself knowing that Peeta is in the capitol being held captive  Through her act of defiance the whole districts of Panem had now fully rise to a rebellion. Feeling somewhat manipulated as the fire who started the uproar , Katniss reluctantly agreed to be the "Mockingjay" (the symbol of rebellion) with conditions. 

She wants Alma Coin, President of District 13, vows to grant immunity among all Hunger games Tribute including Peeta who had previously made a propo (propaganda) to have a cease fire which made the people in 13 angry and deemed him traitor and most but not the least, she gets to kill President Snow.

A rescue team was sent to the Capitol to rescue the captive tributes as President Coins word after witnessing Katniss upheld her own. What seems to be a heartfelt reunion between her and Peeta turns out to be one excruciating reunion. Peeta didn't think twice of attacking her and claiming to her to be a mutt.

Torn, hurt and humilated Katniss shunned Peeta to the point of avoiding him and treat him with hostility.

In this last installment a thrilling and action packed adventure awaits.

What will Katniss do now that President Snow is on the hunt to make sure she's dead.

What will President Coin do in order to get what she wants?

Will Katniss and Peeta grow back together?

Will she know who the real enemy is?

And this time for sure...Will the odds be in her favor?



" I still have no idea. The effect you can have."

November 27, 2014

Throwback: Tripping

Back when we still have black and long hair. *sighs
Eating at KFC after work. ;D

It's raining cats and dogs. The sky looks dark and ominous. The atmosphere is rather heavy. I bet most people would complain and feel down because of the weather. Still look on the bright side, at least the trees and plants can have much water as they can not just blazing sunlight.

Anywho, it's Thursday again and you know what that means right?

For this week, its all about "Tripping". Tripping for what? Well, Me and my friends really love to eat. We've been to many places already. It's like an adventure for us be it be Food chain hopping (is there such word?) or just spontaneously go somewhere we've never been before so long as its f.o.o.d. 

One of my friends who happens to like food is Tifa-chan. I guess it we eat almost once or twice a week in different fast food restaurants that can be found within our working vicinity.  Sure, it's not healthy to make a habit out of it, but, what can we do? Our tummy's were grumbling and that's the closest place we can go to. 
(excuses, excuses, I know. kekeke) 

It's not just all about the food you know, food is a major part of it I admit but more or less its the bond, the laughter and memories we share with each other that's why we sit down, relax and of course eat until we're full. Both our tummy's and our hearts. 

November 24, 2014

All for One and One for All: The Hardcore Team Building Part 1

All for One 
One for All!

This is will be our motto for the day.


It's been 3 weeks since the first ever team up of both A.M. and P.M.  Hardcore Callan shifts for their first ever team building (why am I excluding myself? Hah!). Planning this outing is not an easy matter, there are a lot things to consider from food budget down to transportation (whew!). Let us not forget the tons of inevitable circumstances that occurred. There even comes to a point that we almost didn't pursue our planned itinerary due to some well, shall I say  circumstances? (Let's not get into specifics, agreed?)

Nevertheless, a midst the up and downs. The bend and curves. The straight and swirls. We finally manage to see eye to eye and the long awaited team building has finally come into a reality. (three cheers!)

Fast Forward...

Our meeting place is in the North Bus terminal. The A.M. shifts' tasks were to buy the food before the date approaches and among other things since the P.M. shifts can't do it. Plus, they just got out of their duty on that day and pretty much haven't had enough sleep. Their task, on the other hand was to do the lifting.  

 Our destination is an hour (or is it an hour and a half tops?) from the city. Considering we already ventured in the South, this time we'll invade the North specifically Panalipan, Catmon, Cebu. After a long sort of bumpy ride, at last we reached our stop, a place called Agua Villa where we (ehem!) rented the whole place. Yes, dear folks! We had that place all to ourselves. 

After depositing our stuff, admiring the place and getting dibs on which room to sleep on, we finally get down to business and started our first schedule and that is to make breakfast. Everyone else agreed. :D (can't win a battle with an empty stomach you know.)

The ladies did their magic!

Delivering the eggs to a pack of hungry wolves *pun intended

Getting everything prepared


Who threw a joke that made you three laughing?

I must say, preparing breakfast sure is fun with all the laughs, cooking, slicing and more laughs. It sure is a good way to bond even if they have known each other for quite sometime now. I guess having different shifts makes it a bit difficult huh? (Then again, I'm excluding myself...ahahaha)

The long wait is over. Our grumbling stomachs can certainly stop grumbling and our large intestines can now spit out our small ones (we need both for digestion, mind you) and feast for a good hearty breakfast. 


Yep! Definitely delectable!

So now, we feast. BUT, let's take one good ole picture shall we?

Oops...make that two ;) 


One, two three say...


Bon apetite!


Stomachs full? Check. Energized? Check. Ready for anything? Double Check. Let's go?!?!
NOT YET, hold your horses guys. We might as well prepare first before we jump the gun and go to our next stop, okay? so take it easy...

Now for the next preparation, like I said a while ago, the boys will most do the heavy lifting and preparing the fishes to their doom (I'm kidding) for grilling.

Off with its head!

Ahmm...boys, aren't you supposed to be working?

After doing this and that, now you can finally stop holding your horses be excited. Cause we are now going to our next destination! (Did I mention that we have another? aside from this one that is?)

But before anything else, lets not forget to take some pictures shall we?

Memories are very important you know.

Getting cozy...

Where could all of you been?

Ms. Lee sure does look comfy

What are you dreaming about Ms. Ian?

Three little girls in white? O.o

The team leaders (L-R) : Ms. Ian, Sir Otic and Ms. Tin

Father and daughter? Peace guys! ^_^

Another father and daughter?!? :O Peace again guys! ^_^

I'm sensing a pattern in here, do you? ;D Anyways, moving on...

Take your pose ladies!

What secret are you guys keeping, hmmm?

It has come to my attention that the both of us always have a picture on our
previous team building. This one is not an exemption. ;)

and for the finale-ish, I give you...

Team Hardcore!!!


We still have our next destination or did you forget because of all the pictures?


Well, I have news for you then. (breathes deeply)

I would like to say that, that would be for the next post since unfortunately, I don't have all the space I need for the next one due to too much space for the pictures. (T-T)

pffft I'm kidding of course! But I am serious when I said our next destination will be for my next post. You know how I love cliff hangers and this happens to be one of them. ;)

What can I say?


Stay tune! ;D

November 20, 2014

Throwback: The Originals

It's another Thursday morning! and you know what that means? Another throwback!
Time sure does flies so fast, doesn't it?
If you don't pay close enough attention, you wouldn't notice that it has been what? a week? a month? year since then? 

That sure does happen to me, stopping to think how long ago was it since then. Then I started browsing through my old photos and finding some good ole pics that brings back a lot of memories...good memories. That surely made me smile.

To Team Gahi's first eat out ever featuring "The Original" cast ;)

At Music One from left to right: Ms. Nice, Ms. Aj, Ms. Jelly, Ms. Ian, Ms. Lee,
Yours truly, Ms. Mayu and Ms. Jonah

Though others may have chosen a different path, they're still part of the team though not physically at least within.

Goofing around sounds way better ;D

Till we meet and get together again Missus!

Team Gahi then and!

November 16, 2014

Catching Fire

Can't still get enough of the first book?

Why wait when you can grab a copy of the second book and start reading? In my case, I've already done it. No matter how many times I've read it. I still swoon and sigh every time I came across that part of the book. I'm not telling you what it is. It's for me to know and for you to find out. Fufufu.

If you're truly curious about what happens next, you better start reading. You already know that I tend to give some sneak peaks about almost every book that I've read. Hmmm...if it's not a sneak peak then a synopsis (Aren't those two words one and the same?) I'm going to continue to do so until the future.

So buckle up as I give you the book's much awaited synopsis of Catching Fire:


The story opens after Katniss and Peeta won the 74th Hunger Games and became the District 12 victors. Deemed as the Star cross lovers of the capitol, both of them looked at each other's eyes as two people who were deeply in love with each other and cannot live without each other. In Peeta's part it's all real but for Katniss, everything is all but a show she needs to put up in front of the capitol, which the former soon realize with a heavy heart. Without facing the cameras, their relationship becomes awkward and soon enough have nothing much to talk about. 

In every games that had won, there's a "Victory Tour" for the victors to visit each districts fallen victors. Katniss, however, had her first visitor unexpectadly and it's none other than President Snow. His visit is to express how disappointed and angry he was with her for breaking the rules at the last Hunger Games (there must be only one victor in every game but due to Katniss's act with the berries defying the capitol to give them their victor, she and Peeta lived and became the first two victors of the same district) Not pleased with her, President Snow told Katniss that by doing so she incited a rebellion from other districts.

In order to defuse the "fire" that she created Katniss must convince Snow that she meant really no harm that she only did that to survive. A deal was struck between the two. Katniss is determined to do what she was told to save the people she love and cared for.

But what happens when it goes wrong?

What will she do now that the Quarter Quell is coming?

What would she if the 75th Hunger Games is also coming up?

Will her estranged relationship with Peeta mend and continue to act as Star crossed lovers?

and what's worse can Katniss diffuse the fire that was catching?

Read it and find out in Suzanne Collins second book of the best selling "The Hunger Games"


" I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever"

November 13, 2014

Throwback: When we met...

Do you still remember this? ;)

This is my first throwback ever since the word "throwback" became so widely popular.  This picture was taken three years ago on July 29, 2011. The first cosplay event that I have attended together with my college best friend Rhea Mae Davis a.k.a choi. 

The mall was full packed, I even got lost for a bit, that's how crowded it was. But my best friend caught me by the arm (thank god for that) and pull me out of harms away. Or so I thought. ;) 

The reason why there were so many people---wait let me rephrase that---cosplayers (there you go) was because the main guest for the event was none other than the cosplay goddess herself Alodia Gosiengfiao. I was practically in awe in a discreet way when I saw her up on stage, Alodia was truly cute. Choi however spazz and squealed much to my amazement. :D

Since we can't cross the boundaries and sadly we can't take a photo of her. Both Choi and I, still managed to consume our time having fun taking pictures of the people dressed in our favorite characters and those characters that we found cool. 

You see, little did I know that among the pictures that I took that day was also (as we'd call it a fated encounter) the day that I met the person who will turn out to be in the near future as my best friend. :)

A year after that event, we met again...

became colleagues...

got to hang out together...

shared precious moments...


Our first Sinulog together...^_^

and became the best of friends...

Aishiteru Labs!

♥♥Na neun  chinggu deo jwoseo gomawo! ♥♥

November 8, 2014

QQE Halloween 2014

One day...
One event...


Every 31st of October, we get to celebrate and have a scary-fic time of our lives here in QQEnglish. Lets not forget, this year also happens to be (other than the occasional costume party) the time of the year in which we get to be someone we're not all because it's H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N. Oh yeah!

You see, people have this exhilarating feeling when this time comes and I'm not exaggerating I tell you. From the teachers, the staffs and even the students they're all hyped up for this event.  With all the planning, brainstorming and last minute decisions for their amazing costumes, who would not be thrilled to see the result of their hard work and effort? Certainly not me and speaking of costumes we will come to that part later on. (patience dear readers.)

Now, now, now, if the masses were very much ready for it. What about the company? Well folks, QQEnglish itself won't fall behind when it comes to creativity and having the spirit of Halloween. That being said, they set out activities or shall I say a contest for us to participate in. Of course, if there is a contest then there'll also be prizes (goodie!!) another good reason to be motivated other than the joy of doing it. 

Here are the following contests that made each of our blood boiling, pumped up and ready to take action. RAWR.

First, The Pumpkin Making contest in which all of us were encouraged to participate and I do mean all of us. 

(A whole set of cute and scary pumpkin designs )

Second, The Halloween Statue Contest.

(Need I remind you that it's creepy to stand beside a ----err corpse?)

And lastly, the much awaited Halloween Costume Contest

Now this is what we're talking about.The battle of the bests. One cool costume after another. Truly, this is the day in which the people gives their all to entertain, to win and be called the best. Even I can't decide which costume should win. To be perfectly honest, I want all of them to win they all deserve it hands down. But that's all me, no matter how great they are, its up to the judges to decide who's the best among the rest. 

And boy did they decide! It must be tough on them too. Anywho, among them only three were the chosen ones and these are our winners for this year's QQEnglish 2014 Halloween Costume Contest. 

On third place we have Ms. Marian.
On second place Ms. Mickey.

(We call this the battle of the Maleficents. )
( Ms. Marian on the left and Ms. Mickey on the right.)

And the scariest of them all, Grand Slam winner (drum rolls please) Ms. Aira as the goddess of the underworld Persephone, wife of Hades.

(Never mess with her if you value your life. She's the death goddess.)


It doesn't end there yet. Halloween wouldn't be "Halloween" if there is no ehem-ehem...TRICK OR TREAT!!! 

Yep, you got it right!

Who says kids are the only ones who can have candies? We ADULTS want one too. As long you're wearing something related to Halloween be it a costume, a head gear, a face  paint etc. you are very much qualified to participate in the trick or treating just don't forget your candy baskets or no candies for you.

Don't say I didn't warn you? ;)


You see? You get to win prizes, meet new people, gained new friends and most of all had fun. No wonder it is indeed the best when you celebrate Halloween here in QQE. 

Though this post is a bit late hope you don't mind me sharing about it.

Until next year!

Be Spooky!
Get Spooky!


November 5, 2014

The Hunger Games

Hello... hello... hello... how are you?

I haven't been blogging for quite sometime now for a very good reason. I have been pretty busy lately with a capital B. Also to be perfectly honest, I haven't done anything new so that case is close. I'm much too preoccupied these days to even think of something--well, new ;). B-b-but, there's one thing that I am most certainly giddy about and cannot wait for it to be shown on the cinemas this coming November. That's none other than: Tan-da-da-dan...drum rolls please...

The first part of Mockingjay! 

Hooray!!! hooray!!! * behaves oneself Anyways, while waiting, I reread the trilogy again to refresh and relive the moments *sighs. I've been hooked about it ever since I saw the first movie back 2012 and me, well--being me, cannot wait for the second movie to be aired the next year as a result, and I meant it in a very good way, the bookworm in me decided to buy the whole set. :D Yep, me and my babies. Oh, yeah!

That is why I'm enjoying every page as I reread it again.

For those who haven't seen, lest read about it, here is a little bit of the synopsis. I hope you'll find it interesting and enjoyable as much as I did. (^_^)


"May the odds be ever in your favor"



In the post apocalyptic nation of Panem in North America. The Capitol, the country's highly advanced city took control over the rest of the nation. Every year, the capitol will hold an event in which one boy and one girl will be chosen in each twelve districts as a representative known as "tributes". The Hunger Games is a punishment for the past rebellion against the capitol in which the 13th District has been destroyed. They will fight each other into the death until one winner remains which they call "Victor."

Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist in the story lives in District 12, where the story begins, a coal rich region. During an annual reaping, an event in which the tributes are chosen, Katniss sister, Primrose, just reached the age of twelve, was chosen as tribute. Fearing for her sisters life, Katniss volunteered instead, making her the first volunteer in her district. Her male counter part tribute was Peeta Meelark, a baker and her former schoolmate. 

They were both taken to the capitol together with the previous drunken victor of District 12, Haymitch Abernathy. For days, they were trained, judged, interviewed and living like a celebrity for a short while. But that doesn't stop the lingering truth that they will all end up killing each other in the arena.

The clock is ticking for Katniss. 

How will she survive in the game?

Can a betrayal hurt her spirit?

Will a spark of love ignites in this deadly arena?


Will the odds be in her favor?


In this exciting, thrilling action pack book by Suzanne Collins you will surely don't want to put the back down. Now, that the first part of "The Hunger Games" was already released maybe this is also the time for you to reconsider and watch it. To find out whether the movie or book is in your favor or not. ;)

"Happy Hunger Games!"

November 3, 2014

Agua Villa Resort

Welcome...Welcome to...



Agua Villa Resort is located in Panalipan, Catmon, Cebu. An hour drive from the city (if there is no traffic). It's easy to spot on since it's just beside the road. The house was fully furnished and tidied up, not to mention you have it all to yourselves and can use all the amenities minus the television of course. Hah!

This is the place were my team mates and I decided to spend our much first team up for team building.
Rein your horses for a second, I am not going to talk about *that in here. This post is solely for the place, no other. Just be patient and we'll get there in no time. ;) 

For the meantime, let us all focus all our attention in here. My apologies beforehand for I only manage to get a little bit of pictures for the whole place. 

Anywho, let's start our tour shall we?...

welcomes you to Agua Villa! :D


Our tour starts with  the inside of the house first, of course ;)

The entrance

The living room

The walls were adorned with different kinds of paintings, shells and inspirational quotes.

Aren't they nice?

Let's venture the world of the chefs...hehehe
The indoor kitchen and dining room : One inside the house and the other is just right outside. 

As you can see you, all the things needed are in there. You can borrow all the utensils from spices to the fridge, plates you name it. As for the food, you have to buy on your own don't worry it won't be wasted--there's a fridge too you know ;)

The outdoor kitchen

This is where we cook (ehem! I'm excluded in the cooking part) most of our foods. BUT if you want to do the grilling...they have a place just right for that one...below.

The boys mainly do their thing.

BACK to house...

Where were we? Oh right...the second floor here we come!

The stairs towards second floor. 
(Look at that chandelier! The walls are also adorned with little paintings)

The second floor 
which has its own couches and a good view of the sea, the pool and the sky.

One of the three rooms. 

The three rooms are:

Two(2) air conditioned rooms - This one included
One (1) big room - with no air conditioned just an electric fan


The view outside and...

The balcony

The pool
(There are pool rules: READ them first. Did I forget to mention we all have the pool all to ourselves? I did? We'll we do. kekeke)

 The jacuzzi 
(My team mates were in there! wave you guys!! hi!)

It's other features...

You can also go for a dip in the sea but we didn't have the chance to do so, here's a picture of it:


Over night stay - 10,500 php good for 12 to 15 people. 
There is a corkage fee for drinks and liquors.
Reservation before hand is recommended.

A good place to do your team buildings, group outings and even family bonding.
The view, the space, the privacy. You have it.

That's it lads and lassies!

Peace we out!!!