December 29, 2014

Just before Christmas

Happy Holidays to each and everyone! 

Christmas is here and I'm pretty sure that this post of mine will be posted and will be read after Christmas and I'm right. Fufufu

Anyways, what did you do during your holidays? Did you enjoyed it as much as I do? Did you went to other places to spend the holidays? Did you receive a lot of presents for this year? 

On my end, I didn't expect anything but I was utterly surprised by the gifts that I received. Size and prize doesn't matter to me, as long as it is heartily given I'll gladly accept it with open arms. Speaking of which, It all started when my TL from work gave each of us, her members, a cute and simple tokens namely a coin purse in various designs. I, on the other hand, picked this cute lollipop designed purse, the first gift I received for this year.

Thank you Ms. Ian!!!
The money is not included. Hah!
We also had  our manito/manita in my work place using pseudo-names mine was LLove which stands for Li Love (Li short for Li Shaoran I'm a huge fan of Card Captor Sakura. Google it so you'll know ;) we had at least three wishlists that we want to receive for Christmas. I listed at least two since I can't think of anything else. Teheh!  

And look what I've got! I'm one happy bookworm! ^O^.

Thank you Ms. Aj a.k.a Marrionette
And then, it all comes down to the 24th of December. You see, we have a tradition in our family, when the clock strikes twelve it's time for us to have our Noche Buena and the much awaited opening of the presents. I already prepared all of their presents and didn't expect anything in return though I occasionally throw some "don't forget my present" statement here and there (ahahaha) but I didn't force them nor expect to receive one. But, I did anyways and I'm totally totally  grateful for each of the presents that I receive.

I'm excited to open my gifts. My sister however, was too busy taking pictures here and there that she didn't passed the opportunity to take a photo of me along with my presents. Well, who am I to complain? ;D

After unwrapping, look what I found under those boxes.

I'm sort of Elle Woods of Legally Blonde from all the PINKNESS.
Christmas is still in the air. I still feel its spirit. Even now, I still can't get over it no matter how many times other people told me to do so. Having this kind of feeling is totally...the best. No wonder it's my favorite time of the year.

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