April 15, 2015

Heaven and Earth

Let me start this post by saying at least three words: Oh. My. Gawsh!!!

I couldn't be more in love with the main character's leading man. Yes, you heard that right, her leading man. I lost count on how many times I giggled, swooned and sigh over this guy. I mean, who wouldn't be. I never would have seriously thought that I, would come across a character that is totally and exactly my type. If only he was real, I would move heaven and earth just to be with him. ~^_^~ Cheesy much? Do forgive me. For I will be in lala land every time he pops into my mind. *sighs

If you're curious as to who I am swooning over, you better read the second book of  the Three Sisters Trilogy.


The first curse is now broken.

 After the incident concerning Nell has died down. Peace has finally come to Three Sisters Island----or so they thought. 

From the mainland, carrying technologies and sort of out of this world gadgets comes paranormal research scientist Dr. MacAllister "Mac" Booke, an open minded scientist, who is interested in the phenomena revolving around the Three Sisters Island , It's legends and more importantly, the main reason he's come is to interview, as he deduced, one of the three witches--Mia Devlin. 

Mac followed reports about Nell and her dangerous ex-husband for several months. The mysterious happenings on the island which he thought that there is more to the story than they let him on and he wants to find it out. Enter, Deputy Ripley Todd, the younger sister of Zac, of whom his attention was caught and was intrigued by her and soon realized that she too, is a witch.  

With their emotions clashing. A test of one's self, A new revelation. An old enemy back and the second curse about to unravel. How will they handle this kind of situation?

Will Ripley be able to accept for who and what she is?
Will Mac be able to protect the one he loves?
and will Ripley find the justice she was looking all along?


Find out what happens in the second book of  Nora Roberts famous "Three Sisters Trilogy". 

April 8, 2015

Ano Ito?

It has been a long time since I blogged about something. Anything for that matter and its all because of my apparent laziness lately. If it weren't for some ransacking of some old drawings of mine, I surely wouldn't have found this (I happen to encounter a lot of those every time I ransack some of  my things. Did you notice?) 

Anyways, this would be a bit different from all my poems that you have read mainly because it's not written in English (that's why I said a bit different). Even so, I hope you come to like it.

This is dedicated to my classmate way back when I was still a college student Rodelyn Acquilles. (*waves Hi! :D)


Ano ito?

Sa tuwing ika'y nakikita
Puso ko'y kumakaba.
Mata'y mang isipin 
Sa iyo lagi nakatingin.

Nagpaparamdam kahit pa pano.
Nagkakaganito ng dahil sa'yo.
Isipin lang  kita
Mundo ko ay kumpleto.

Hindi ko pa ito nararanasan
o nabasa man lang.
Sa mga inaasahan kung libro
O sa mga pinagkakatiwalaan kung tao.

Ano nga ba ito?
Pag-ibig na ba ang tawag niyo dito?
Ito ba ang pag-ibig na nagpapasakit sa mga kawawang tao?
Ito ba ang pag-ibig na nagpapasaya sa lahat ng nakakaranas nito?

Mahal na nga ba kita kaya ako nagkakaganito?
Pana'y tulala at nakangiti kahit walang tao?
Nabubuhay sa imahinasyon at simpling ngiti pag tugon mo?

Kung pag-ibig ito,
Ano ang gagawin ko?