January 25, 2017

It's 2017 and We're Off To USJ!!

Happy New Year everyone! 

It's 2017!!! :D

How you've been?

It's a brand new year for all of us, yet, it feels like it isn't, isn't it?

I have been a total lazy bum the past year. Either that or I have no motivation whatsoever to put and express my journey here into words. But, that is about to change I guess. I will try my best to deliver and be a good blogger this year. No promises there ehehehe but I will try. Like I said. ;)

Any-who, winter has already begun and I'm shivering as I type this post. Brrr... My gosh... (in a sing song voice) the cold bothered me in some way.  Whew! for a girl from a tropical country, this season is by far the....Brrr....brrrr.... (did you get what I mean?)