July 27, 2014

Where She Went

It's been three years since the accident.
Three years since Mia walked away from Adam .

When Mia went to Julliard three years ago. Adam didn't know that it would be the last time he'd see her. Three years had already gone by, Adam is now a huge rock star. Their band Shooting Star became phenomenal. Their album reach the number one spot on the charts. He has a beautiful model girlfriend and is living his dream. Or is he? For the past years, Adam was left hanging in the air with no reason or explanation why Mia left with one last kiss and never looked back. Why she never contacted him since then. Why she left him and what he did wrong. For years, he had kept his emotions under wrap and he never once again the same. All he wanted was to see her, even if it's just a glimpse but, that would be impossible.

If he could see her, he would need answers to all the questions that lingered in his mind. He would need explanations, if only he could see her. He would or would he? Adam has been burdened by a secret he had kept for so long. Only he knows about it. Or so he thought.

So what happens when their paths cross again in New York City? And this time, it was Mia who approached him first. With only a few hours to spend, what will they do? what will he do?

Will he finally ask the questions that has haunted him for years? 
Will he be able to hear the words he longs to hear?

In just one life-changing night will they be able to laid their past to rest?  Will both of them just move on for good? or Will they be able rekindled their first love and give it another shot?

If I Stay tells us Mia's point of view of her out of the body experience.
In this final book of Gayle Forman Where She went. It's now Adam's turn to tell the tale.



" Letting go. Everyone talks about it like its the easiest thing. Unfurl your hands one by one until your hand is open."


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  2. That's a very catchy synopsis. I'm a book lover and I always see this in bookstores but I never actually gave "If I Stay" a chance. But now I might.
    I found you on blogs ng Pinoy.


    1. Hello, Thank you for considering this book. I hope when you read the first book you'll enjoy it as much as I have. :)