July 8, 2014


When one love is lost .
A new one is found.


My love for him will soon fade
cause his gone and far away.
I know my love for him will never be the same
even though he can't feel it in any way.

I won't steal back my memories from him
for I know he will feel blue.
I won't look back at the past, no more.
for I will put it behind me once more.

I  face the present and I found you.
You fill up my empty heart what once was blue.
My fears and tears vanished all the way.
for you are here with me to stay.

For some reasons, I'm no longer gloom
and I already feel the love that blooms.
Now, I face all the years with you
showing my love, totally just for you.

I do thank the Lord God
for he gave me a man who would proudly say "I'm yours".
A man who I truly adore.
And a man who will always love me...