July 30, 2014

Something Blue

It seems like it was just yesterday when my best friend and I did our first collaboration. Who would have thought it would be this fast to have the second one?

July 27, 2014

Where She Went

It's been three years since the accident.
Three years since Mia walked away from Adam .

When Mia went to Julliard three years ago. Adam didn't know that it would be the last time he'd see her. Three years had already gone by, Adam is now a huge rock star. Their band Shooting Star became phenomenal. Their album reach the number one spot on the charts. He has a beautiful model girlfriend and is living his dream. Or is he? For the past years, Adam was left hanging in the air with no reason or explanation why Mia left with one last kiss and never looked back. Why she never contacted him since then. Why she left him and what he did wrong. For years, he had kept his emotions under wrap and he never once again the same. All he wanted was to see her, even if it's just a glimpse but, that would be impossible.

If he could see her, he would need answers to all the questions that lingered in his mind. He would need explanations, if only he could see her. He would or would he? Adam has been burdened by a secret he had kept for so long. Only he knows about it. Or so he thought.

So what happens when their paths cross again in New York City? And this time, it was Mia who approached him first. With only a few hours to spend, what will they do? what will he do?

Will he finally ask the questions that has haunted him for years? 
Will he be able to hear the words he longs to hear?

In just one life-changing night will they be able to laid their past to rest?  Will both of them just move on for good? or Will they be able rekindled their first love and give it another shot?

If I Stay tells us Mia's point of view of her out of the body experience.
In this final book of Gayle Forman Where She went. It's now Adam's turn to tell the tale.



" Letting go. Everyone talks about it like its the easiest thing. Unfurl your hands one by one until your hand is open."

July 20, 2014

Pink and Beige

Its been constantly raining here in my country. The omnipresent dark sky makes one's mood shift from bright to gloomy. Even though that I know it rains at this time of the year, one can't stop being hopeful that it doesn't. Truth be told it makes me miss the rays of sunshine, but, it doesn't mean that I don't like it.

July 13, 2014

The Love I Prayed

Due to the poems that I have recently posted a lot of people have been asking me  whether if I'm inspired or in love. My answer to their query is this: O.o is that a big deal? However, my answer was not to their satisfaction because *clears throat according to them, my poems has somewhat have a meaning behind it, which is true, by the way. And for the nth time, my reasons are different from those mushy reasons they come up with. (-_-) Let. It. Go.

(-_-) Nevertheless, to keep your minds straight and sane; here's an answer to some of your questions: some of my poems were dated way way back during my high school days. While others, when I was in my university years. THAT, dear folks is not hard to believe so don't give me that look. Like I've said, these works of mine have been stashed up for a pretty long time and covered in dust!!!  Thus, I said to myself "Wouldn't be a waste to not share it to someone? or some people and be part of it even if it's just a little?" that's when I made a snap decision.

What do you think is the fastest means of communication these days other than the phone? Correct. The internet. So a little post of here and there and Viola! There you have it. YOU read my poems. :P

As to who and what inspires me to write, I guess that would be the people behind it or the weather that affects my mood. Feelings that can't be expressed. Movies, romance novels, songs, cheesy quotes... you name it.

Enough about my rants. Now that you know the reason. I have another poem I'd like to share to you guys. I made this for my college classmate named Marines Lecciones (*waves Hi te! ^O^) I hope you remember when you read this---someday! ^_^


The Love I Prayed

We were friends 
since we were kids.
The kind of friendship
we don't want to hid.

When I am sad,
you were there to cheer me up.
When I am down,
you were the one who pulled me up.

You bring forth happiness to me
in some ways you'll never see.
You made me feel special,
like no other girl could be.

A dear friend I am to you
but, you're more than a friend to me.
Through the years, these feelings were hidden.
Afraid that it might become a burden.

So long it was kept but 
I never once I wept.
I always enjoyed being with you
For never I time that 
I feel gloom.

Until such time,
I was about to give up.
You suddenly came to me so hurriedly,
hugged me ever so gently

And said to me out of the blue:
"Could you keep me so I won't feel blue?"


July 10, 2014

Everlasting: Book 2

The second book of the A Kissed by an Angel series.

Could their love be good as Everlasting?


When Ivy found out that Tristan has come to life, to come back to her, she should be happy---ecstatic even. But then, a happy reunion isn't even established for the both them. Tristan is on the run because he is being chased by the police. For the consequences of what he did, breathing life back into Ivy. He is now a fallen angel trapped in a body of murderer, hence, the police. And the only solution they can come up with is to clear the name of the acclaimed murderer.

On the other hand, a lot of things are now on Ivy's plate. Her patching things up with her ex-boyfriend Will to convince him that her best friend Beth is acting totally different and she's not what they she is. Not to mention her  fallen angel boyfriend, Tristan is in deep trouble.

Running and hiding is what they must do for now. But then, there's a glitch above all these troubles. It is not only the police they must run away from now. For dark forces are also at work and will stop at nothing to get them. Leaving them both in great danger.

Scan through the pages of Elizabeth Chandler's Everlasting and find out what happens next.



"Endings are beginnings, and beginnings are ours to turn into something good."

July 8, 2014


When one love is lost .
A new one is found.


My love for him will soon fade
cause his gone and far away.
I know my love for him will never be the same
even though he can't feel it in any way.

I won't steal back my memories from him
for I know he will feel blue.
I won't look back at the past, no more.
for I will put it behind me once more.

I  face the present and I found you.
You fill up my empty heart what once was blue.
My fears and tears vanished all the way.
for you are here with me to stay.

For some reasons, I'm no longer gloom
and I already feel the love that blooms.
Now, I face all the years with you
showing my love, totally just for you.

I do thank the Lord God
for he gave me a man who would proudly say "I'm yours".
A man who I truly adore.
And a man who will always love me...

July 7, 2014

My Song

When spoken words are hard to utter. Let the words of the heart flow through and feel your heart flutter.


My Song

All my life I have been wondering 
if you could hear my heart singing.
A song that is actually made for you 
that came from my heart, it's true.

A song that is truly expressed 
within my soul's long existence.
A song that neither I can't hear,
but I felt it so dear.

A song that thought me to accept
every secrets that the world kept.
A song that sometimes makes someone pesky.
Is now a song that touches your heart heavily.

A song that kept on telling me the true meaning of love,
which has been sent to you from above.
A song that tells you how I feel
Cause for once, I, became so real.

So here I am to tell you that this song
is truly meant for you.
A song that came from my heart
saying the words "I do love you".


July 6, 2014

Thinking of You

Since I stumble upon my old collection of poems I have decided (without thinking too hard) that I am going to post it in here since I love to express myself by means of a poem. We may not know, what I have just written might actually be a mirror or so, to what you have felt. Albeit my amateur sentence construction is not that good. I still hope you'll find the time to read it. :D

Anywho, that's enough tittle-tattle. You go on reading. As for me, hmmm...maybe, just maybe, I'll start thinking of you. ;D


Thinking of You

I know I just met you but I can't remember when
with some reasons, my mind tries to find you then. 
And when all my troubles starts to mend
All I can do is to think of you, man!

In this head of mine I keep on reminiscing,
In a part that we are singing.
I always smile when I remember that scene
Maybe it's just the fact,
That I never turn my back where it all begin.

For some reasons, we do not consider each other close.
Yet, we smile and greet each other with a pose.
Funny how it seems like we've never met before
When just a snap!
We texted too long on the cell phone.

How glad am I to meet you!
For in some ways I'm no longer blue.
Because liking you is not that hard to do
Cause all I do is smile and think of you.


July 2, 2014

A "Cherry" on Top

Doesn't this day's title post sounds delicious?

I hate to burst your bubble but it's not about food. Not at all. The first time I have done this was for my best friend Mau (See here!) so I thought to myself, I would like to do this kind of thing again for my circle of friends a little tribute as I call it. I want to thank them--for everything. The list may be a bit long or a bit short, that I do not know until it's already settled, but, the important thing is even in my own little way I want to say "Thank you".

So let's draw the curtains and let the show begin.



This lady right here is named Cherry Bigno Culanag a.k.a "Cherry pie" or "Chepie" as I like to call her. She graduated cum laude at Cebu Normal University with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education (SpEd).  


This lass has the spunk like a guy and rides a motorcycle. Uhuh! the clutch and all that--I tell you! How cool is that? O.O

She can imitate a guys walk even the actions---the perks!. Sometimes I think she's way good at it than an actual guy. 

But behind that boyish strut, lies a pretty lady who has a sweet voice with a huge sense of humor

Who likes to do ballroom dancing

A girl who likes the shades of blue.
(Photo credit to Mau Sarcon)

Who has a strong conviction. 


Who is undeniably true.


Chepie this is my little way of showing to the world of how thankful I am to be a part of your circle of friends. 

Thank you for being you and for being my friend.

July 1, 2014

On the Making

Well, well, if this isn't a little documentation in the making, if not, I have no idea what else to call it. Surely, Tifa-chan has many ways of keeping herself busy which includes this---- documenting my work or so she says.


It all started on a NOT so fine afternoon (shessshhhh) when most of the public transport went on strike due to some reasons (Seriously?!?Argghhh) and you know what that means? Uhuh! Yep. We're exactly thinking the same thing! Only few jeepneys and cabs are on the roll and I can almost literally count all the passing transport with my fingers. This. Cannot. Be. Happening. But it is!!! So I should go on with my life. 

Anywho, while waiting for a miraculous jeepney  to pass us by (did this kind of scenario happened to us before?) Tifa-chan has nature calling for her so she excused herself. Me on the other hand, looked for a nice spot to settle down and do some "working" while waiting for her. You see, I was completely engrossed of my work that I didn't noticed her coming and taking pictures---of course, not until she suddenly blurted out "Don't mind me. Keep doing what you're doing. Pretend that I'm not here" O.o which is exactly the opposite of the outcome that she was looking for (Ti-fa-chan!!! You...you...*sighs).

I mean who wouldn't get distracted in a situation like that?!? I can't concentrate no longer so I ended up laughing while "pretending" not to notice her which is obviously obvious. 

See what I mean?  

At least, this little diversion of ours had us forget that we were having a transportation problem... even if it's just for a little while. :D