May 26, 2015

If Tomorrow Comes

This is by far the second book that I have read under the belt of one of the world's famous author Sidney Sheldon. I admit I'm not really a fan at first (which I really am most of the time). The first work of his, that I have ever read was entitled "Tell me your Dreams" which I just grabbed without looking at the title nor author not until I finished the whole book, and, the only reason why I read it was because my of classmate who thought that I was so bored (which I totally was) while waiting for the time for our shift to end. (OJT's and it's quirks)

Looking back now, I wouldn't have known how awesome his books were if it weren't for that classmate of mine who introduced me (unbeknown to her) to Sidney's work (thank goodness) and for that I'm truly thankful.

Anyhow, this post is about another work of his entitled...



Tracy Whitney almost have everything. She works as an operator in the Bank of Philadelphia. She is engaged to a wealthy heir who came from a prominent family named Charles Stanhope III. She has a promotion coming up when she comes home from her honeymoon and she's expecting a baby. Her life is completely laid out and perfect until she received a very tragic news. Her beloved mother committed suicide after Joe Romano, one of the right hand man of New Orleans Mafia Don, scammed her.

In rage because of the fact, Tracy went to New Orleans to confront Joe Romano which leads to uneventful that land her in prison. Tracy's hope crushed one by one when her attorney who convinced her to take a guilty plea despite her innocence in order to lessen her sentence for three supposed to defend her innocence, sent her in a fifteen year sentence instead. 

She soon realized that the judge who was presiding her case and Joe Romano were ally and both work for the infamous mafia Don. Now shunned by her boss, a broken engagement and the man who's supposed to be there for her turn his back to her and their unborn child, Tracy must face the challenges in her life all in her own.

How will Tracy face her life as prisoner?
What will become of her and her unborn child?
Can she still find the justice that was left unserved?
What will become of her?


Find out as you read through the pages of Sheldon's work as you witness how Tracy's tomorrow came.

May 25, 2015

Miss Kierra Jade!

It's amazing how each and every one of us got together in a way we never see.
How each and every one of us became close despite the differences as what it seems
How our personality differs.
How different each of us hurls.

May 12, 2015

The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight

There are many research that shows different statistical studies of many different things like:

How many people prefer to stand than sit on a bus.
How many people prefer to drink tea instead of coffee.
The percentages of men and women crying over sad movies.

These are just some examples of research and studies that most people dwell on.

But, there is one research that has not been confirmed just yet. 

The statistics of love at first sight.



Seventeen year old Hadley Sullivan's day couldn't just get any better.  First, she had a fight with her mom on her way to the airport. Second, she misses her flight by 4 minutes (4 minutes!) to London and third, she has to call her dad to inform him that she'll be late for his wedding which is held in London. Tomorrow. The same wedding that she had been dreaded for months.  Hadley's head ache just thinking about it. She never wanted to be apart of it. In fact, she never want anything to do with it.  

So, now she's stuck for 3 hours while waiting for the next flight that will fly her to London. She's stuck sitting between a snoring man, a rude old lady and a british boy sitting across with crumbs on his shirt. 

In a span of 24 hours what could possibly happen?
Can a short encounter change everything?
Can you possibly find the one in a city so big like London?
And can forgiveness and acceptance changes one view about love?


"Love is the strangest, most illogical thing in the world"

May 10, 2015

A Message on Mother's Day

Moms are the greatest heroes there is.

Pag-ibig Nga Naman!

"Love is never easy."

Don't you agree?


Pag-ibig Nga Naman!

Ang mundo ating kinagisnan ay magulong-magulo.
Sa pulitika, sa ating bansa  at maging sa buhay ng tao.
Pero may mas gugulo pa kung tungkol na sa pag-ibig ang itatanong ko?
Sasagutin mo ba ako ng walang pag-aalinlangan at bukal sa iyong sa puso?

Ang pag-ibig nga naman ay sadyang madaya.
Dumadating ng di inaasahan at minsan sa panahong walang-wala ka!

Ang pag-ibig nga naman ay sadyang kay saya,
sapagkat ito nagpapaligaya sa bawat isa.

Ang pag-ibig nga naman ay sadyang napakakulit.
Na kahit may tampo ka sa iyong  iniirog ay walang pakundangan kang kinakalabit.

Pag-ibig dito, pag-ibig doon.
Kahit saan lupalop man ng mundo ay parati itong nakasunod.
At kapag na saktan ka na ay para kang uugo-ugod.

Masakit na parang pasan mo ang mundo kung ito'y ilarawan mo.
Para bang wala ka nang pag-asang mabuhay sa mundong ito.

Hay! pag-ibig nga naman.
Sala sa init, sala sa lamig.
Pero aminin...
Masarap pa rin kapag ika'y umiibig.

May 3, 2015

One Summer

For a person who lived in a tropical country, I am never fond of summer. For one thing, it's way too hot and I can't stand the heat but since I live in a tropical country, I can't be not fond of summer for too long now, can't I?