November 6, 2013

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

This year may all of us have a fun-tasti-scary year.

Here in my work place, we get to dress-up according to plan, not so-planned and definitely not planned costumes . On my part, It's definitely not planned since I was so confident that its okay not to dress-up unlike last year, but, boy was I wrong . Come to think of it, last year was also "a not planned" kind of get up. It just so happens that it my devil horns goes along with my attire last year. What do you know, huh? tsk tsk tsk.

Anywho, here are some people who out done themselves by being scary, not so scary and not scary at all.


Category 1: Scary
> Poison Ivy<

> The pumpkin Lady<

> Two Face<

> The zombie girl<


Category 2: Not so scary

> The Mangkukulam?<

> The Witch<


Category 3: Not Scary At All

> The black pixie<

> The black cat<

> Queen of the spiders<


Of course, we do had fun as well. What causes the fuss you say? Ehem..ehem...our beloved team leaders just so happen to put up a little show, that's the fuss (Yay!). It's a mini fashion show to be exact. They get to choose only one representative for every team though (reaping time). As the mini show progresses, it was full of laughs. I hope everyone had fun, I sure did. Wait, let me say it one more time.

I, had a lot of fun.

The participants were all game and sport. Check it out.


Here are the said candidates???

The sweety -licious prizes:

After a humorous performance from the candidates. The judges are in their mind bugging situation to choose Three winners.

> See how serious they're all are?<

And now for our winners...





> HOORAY!!!<

Good Job everyone!!! 


Goofing around is so not an exemption  especially when it comes to Halloween.

> EH?<

> The bunny and the cat<

> Who's scaring who?<




Yours truly,

The Book Worm

The Photoshoot: Two of Us

The finish product.


The photo shoot that up until now made me laugh and made me embarrassed at the same time has now come to its end. As promised, I will post all of the pictures here in my blog once she's done editing. Though, It did took a lot of time since it needs a lot of concentration and skills  on her part (Now where have I heard of that before?). Yet, it's still make you wonder what pictures she'll put together (I've been there, I know.)

Yesterday, the photographer herself sent me a message saying that I should check out the photos on facebook. Which made me, by the way, confused as to what she is talking about. After a  long explanation and a lot of confusion on my side --again. I finally put two and two together ( That's four! Kidding.)

 And Viola!!! Here they are!!!