August 27, 2013

The Other Capture

Last Friday, 23rd of August 2013. The random blogger Mau Sarcon decided she wants to have a photo shoot. Sure why not? There's just one catch though.

The catch?

She is not the Model but rather the photographer.

Yes, you heard it right.  And who could her models be? hmm...

Any ideas?

I'll just leave it to you then...


Back to the topic.  All of us agreed that we all meet between 10 - 11 o'clock at McDonalds located at I.T. Park.  But, lets just say that some of us were late and have gotten lost?? So we waited...

After 48 years...(joke) every one and I mean EVERYONE was  finally there.

The crowd consists of...

1.  Mau Sarcon

- She's a blogger by the way, check her blog (

- She also happens to be the PHOTOGRAPHER-ish

- And the one who organized this pictorial.

2. Ray Francis

- He's the OTHER photographer that Mau has invited.

3. Mark

- or Mac, as what Mau called him.

- He is the prop's man? (kidding) 

- He's the creative director and teaches Mau the basics of photography
(Which she gets.I hope.)

4. Marjorie

- is the make-up artist ♥

 5. Mico

- the male model (of course)


6. Me


Anyways, I won't be posting her (I'm referring to Mau's pictures) pictures here. Not just yet. Lets just say that the pictures are not yet ready.


It doesn't mean though that I won't be posting some. Haha. Totally the opposite!

I am going to share the works of another photographer. Hence, the title of the post.

Here are some of the shots that were taken during the shoot. These are all taken by photographer number 2 (refer to the list please. hehe) Ray Francis.

He entitled it these pictures "SPONTANEOUS"

Check this out:

♥Tell Me More♥

♥Safe In Your Arms♥

♥All I Ask Of You♥

What do you think?

And the one who made it all possible.

Thank you Ray Francis!

Until Then!

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm 

Good Times

When we looked at our old photos it brings us a lot of memories right?

Memories that can trigger certain events that we treasure deeply within our

subconscious mind and our hearts.

Memories that can either be good or bad.

Memories that can bring smiles on our faces or even tears.

Memories that are mostly connected to certain people.


In this case, I'm talking about good ole memories that can brighten your day and

even miss the people even if the said people are just within your reach. :)

Let me show you some proof that had once made me smile and just by looking at

these now made me remember how good life can be.

> One late afternoon, when two people have nothing to do. These things tend to happen.  :D <


> The woman, on the left side, who was having a good time with the other girl is named Dyna. <

>They goofed<


> And goofed. <


> for they simply have nothing to do! haha XD<


This is my tribute to the person who is incredibly humble inside and out.

Who helps me when I don't know things.

Who is very patient and understanding.

Who goofs around with me.


Who treated me as her "Little sister".

Ms. Dyna! Thank you very much for being a good "Ate" to me. For being

understanding and for being you. Stay the same. <3

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm

August 25, 2013

I want YOU

Surfing the net brings back old memories especially when I'm just randomly surfing and then suddenly I encounter some things--cute things. I'm talking about stuff toys,  none other XD. Although there are plenty of cute things around us, stuff toys are not (I repeat NOT) an exemption. So I figured "What If I post these cute things? These  things that I wanted to have---someday?"

 Alright!!! It has been decided...Let's start with...


1. Black Mokona ( Mokona Modoki or Larg)

2. White Mokona

These two cute Mokonas come in two's but sold separately.  I wanted these cute puffball ever since I watched Magic Knights: Ray Earth and mind you that was way back when I was still an elementary student. ;)

3. Rabbit ( Any Cute -huggable rabbit)

I Love Rabbits!!! Haha. I once owned a pair and they told me that one can't survive without the other. Sad to say the female bunny--Lola (I named her after Bugs Bunny's partner  ) got sick and passed away. I guess Bugs (See?) can't live without her cause he followed after 3 months :'(

4.  Keroberos (from Card Captor Sakura)

This yellow- lion-ish character is the one that I utmost adored. I AM a super huge fan of Card Captor Sakura from the moment I laid my eyes on that movie (Love at first sight? Yep. you got that right.) This cutie is the stubborn-pudding-loving-gurdian of the Clow cards. He may look care free but he's serious when it comes to protecting Sakura (Me?)  Though the movie is old and for kids. It didn't stop me from loving and collecting bits and stuff of the said title. That's why I want to own him cause he's the one thing I utmost (repeat!) wanted. Kyaa! Xp

5.  Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!!!

I may not a huge fan but I surely laugh so hard whenever I get the chance to watch this. Spongebob is adorable in his own little way so who's saying I don't want one when in fact I do? >///<


For now, these are the only cute stuffs that I set my eyes on. Well, hopefully someday I can own some of these. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. I already own one. Haha. Silly me.

And its...Tan-Ta-da-da!! 

1. Black Mokona ( Mokona Modoki or Larg)

So, he's out. :D

Four more to go! Patience dear Book Worm. You will have it. Someday.

Truly Yours,

The Book Worm 


Hi guys!

Well, for these past few months. I have been very busy reading stories from very gifted people all over the world. (you heard that right) All of these stories though, is just a click away from your own personal PC.

I just got addicted O.o To this site. Where you can be cry, laugh, love, hate and even sleep? yeah. Anyways, this site is my form of stress reliever and my energizer at the same time.

Without further a do. I, The Book Worm, shall now raise the curtains.



I have been mesmerized.

Not only that you can read in here. You can also make your own stories and published it online for free! Yes, it's free. You can read different types of genre in here. From Romance to Action. Vampires to Werewolves. You name it.

Just recently I posted some of my works in here. Mostly poems but I do have a story in progress in here and the title is Remember. You don't believe me? Check this out then.

This is the Synopsis of my story under the pen name (enix05)

“This will be the last time that you’ll get to hear me”

The voice was still soft and gentle and I didn't miss that it faltered at the last word.

I ignored the odd feeling that I had when I was having the call.

I didn't know that it would be the last time that I will hear the gentleness and calmness of that voice.

I didn't know that it would be the last time that I got to hear that person’s voice.

Until it’s too late


Told yah so.

If you want to read my word.  Just go and search the title REMEMBER  and it will appear and the author is enix05 don't forget it.

See you there!

Yours truly,

The Book Worm 

20 Random Things

Well, I have no idea If I have been tagged or not. But, my oh so dearly beloved labs sort of encouraged me or did she tagged me? into this chain of randomness. Yep, according to her, it started on Facebook and you must tagged 20 people and they will do the same thing after being tagged. (We're like playing a game of tag in here. hehe)

In my defense, I like to share something random about myself since I cannot think of anything new for my blog and labs happens to tell me about this.

So here it goes:

1. I am a bookworm. Hence, the name. I love books! more than clothes and shoes. Trust me.

2. Being called weird is sort of a compliment  for me. :) I know, I know, most people don't like being called weird but not me. :P

3.  I have a fetish for cute things. I love cute stuffs. Literally. Be it be kids stuff or grown ups.

4. I don't eat SIOPAO.

5. I don't drink COKE. Or according to my sister anything that is black like Pepsi or any cola with a few exceptions like coffee and float since it has ice cream on it which neutralizes the taste.

6.  I have a bit of No-Sense-Of-Direction. I have the tendency to get err---lost. Which makes my "disability" a laughing matter to others. Sheesshh.

7. I tend to forget a lot of things especially about MY things, but, not others belongings. How sad is that?

8. I get easily judged. I get this a lot don't ask me how many times cause I lost count since immemorial. So, I suggest you better get to know me first before you drop your own conclusions. Don't worry I won't hold it against you.

9. I like people who are true and honest. Just be yourself. I am no judge. Nobody is perfect, not even me. I accept people as they are flaws and all. That's what makes us human. ;)

10. Horror movies is a big  NO-NO. I can't stand it. Well, I can. With a lot of screaming and shrieking, not to mention covering my eyes. If that count as watching, then I do-ish. O.o

11. I just found out that I can make Plushies. ^-^ Haha and currently it is one of my hobbies.

12. I am an aspiring writer-ish. Yep, just recently I posted some of my works in Wattpad (That's the site where readers and wanna-be writers like myself share their stories online.)

13.  My labs gave me the opportunity and the experience to be her model-ish in her first ever pictorial. Her, being as the photographer.:D

14. I like using the word "-ish". :) Have you noticed? hehe

15. Dense. That's what most people tell me.

16. Bookstores are my haven.

17. I am a hopeless romantic. No questions asked.

18. A Card Captor Sakura Fan then and Now. I collected bits of here and there. What?? I like it. I find it cute and Li Shaoran is the love of my life. Don't argue with me :3

19.  I love pink and rabbits. Tell me about it.

20. There's more to me than meet's the eye. If your not sure. Come see for yourself ;)

There you have it.

To be honest, I had a hard time thinking about my own randomness. In the end I just typed what came first on my mind and Viola! My own randomness.  (I should stop using the word randomness now.)

That's all folks.

Yours truly,

The Book Worm