August 25, 2013

20 Random Things

Well, I have no idea If I have been tagged or not. But, my oh so dearly beloved labs sort of encouraged me or did she tagged me? into this chain of randomness. Yep, according to her, it started on Facebook and you must tagged 20 people and they will do the same thing after being tagged. (We're like playing a game of tag in here. hehe)

In my defense, I like to share something random about myself since I cannot think of anything new for my blog and labs happens to tell me about this.

So here it goes:

1. I am a bookworm. Hence, the name. I love books! more than clothes and shoes. Trust me.

2. Being called weird is sort of a compliment  for me. :) I know, I know, most people don't like being called weird but not me. :P

3.  I have a fetish for cute things. I love cute stuffs. Literally. Be it be kids stuff or grown ups.

4. I don't eat SIOPAO.

5. I don't drink COKE. Or according to my sister anything that is black like Pepsi or any cola with a few exceptions like coffee and float since it has ice cream on it which neutralizes the taste.

6.  I have a bit of No-Sense-Of-Direction. I have the tendency to get err---lost. Which makes my "disability" a laughing matter to others. Sheesshh.

7. I tend to forget a lot of things especially about MY things, but, not others belongings. How sad is that?

8. I get easily judged. I get this a lot don't ask me how many times cause I lost count since immemorial. So, I suggest you better get to know me first before you drop your own conclusions. Don't worry I won't hold it against you.

9. I like people who are true and honest. Just be yourself. I am no judge. Nobody is perfect, not even me. I accept people as they are flaws and all. That's what makes us human. ;)

10. Horror movies is a big  NO-NO. I can't stand it. Well, I can. With a lot of screaming and shrieking, not to mention covering my eyes. If that count as watching, then I do-ish. O.o

11. I just found out that I can make Plushies. ^-^ Haha and currently it is one of my hobbies.

12. I am an aspiring writer-ish. Yep, just recently I posted some of my works in Wattpad (That's the site where readers and wanna-be writers like myself share their stories online.)

13.  My labs gave me the opportunity and the experience to be her model-ish in her first ever pictorial. Her, being as the photographer.:D

14. I like using the word "-ish". :) Have you noticed? hehe

15. Dense. That's what most people tell me.

16. Bookstores are my haven.

17. I am a hopeless romantic. No questions asked.

18. A Card Captor Sakura Fan then and Now. I collected bits of here and there. What?? I like it. I find it cute and Li Shaoran is the love of my life. Don't argue with me :3

19.  I love pink and rabbits. Tell me about it.

20. There's more to me than meet's the eye. If your not sure. Come see for yourself ;)

There you have it.

To be honest, I had a hard time thinking about my own randomness. In the end I just typed what came first on my mind and Viola! My own randomness.  (I should stop using the word randomness now.)

That's all folks.

Yours truly,

The Book Worm

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