June 26, 2013



Since  I have been on very a long hiatus I practically don't know what to do or write for that matter. So, I would like to start this new post of mine, to express my feelings to a person whom I haven't seen for awhile.

So I want to introduce this person to all of you...

This hottie below is named Maureen Fatima Sarcon "Mau" for short.  She graduated  Bachelor of  Science in Nursing last March 2012.She adores frog and loves the color apple green and she is a multislashie.

Why you asked? Allow me to explain...

First, She is a Cosplayer.

- This is her passion. The first time that I met her was a cosplay event held at SM mall where Alodia Goseingfiao was the special guest. I was in awe. At that time, I was dragged along by my best friend Rhea Mae Davis A.k.a "Choi" to take pictures along with the other cosplayers and she happens to be one of those cosplayers that I have a picture with. And then, after a couple of months----we met, I guess its totally inevitable. ^_^

Second, She is a Musician.

- I heard her play. (You rock woman!) She can play the violin, the piano and of course a bass guitar. Hence the picture. ;)

Third, She is a Gamer.

- Yup.  You heard it right. She loves to play games and sometimes she drags me along with her..(uiiieee >.<) She's the one who made me experience things that I have never done before.. and speaking of games..here's one...

See what I mean...


Fourth, She is Model-ish :).

- Because she is a well known cosplayer in her own ways. She gets invited to a lot of pictorials. (It's true...here's proof)

I'll stop right there folks...(I have to keep the other information to myself you know.)

Oh. Right. She's a blogger too. Check out her site will you mausarcon.blog.com

And so...you must be wondering why  this post is all about her...Well, for a simple reason that, this girl, here. Is my Best Friend and I want to thank her for everything and that I miss her. ( Let's have a date sometime. :) )

See you when I see you.

Yours Truly,
The Book Worm 


  1. Haha. Thank you for this very sweet and direct blog about me. I am shocked and truly touched. Having all those flattery , I mean. I love you Labs. ♥ Let's have a date this week if time may allow it.

  2. The pleasure is all mine Labs. I'm like a guy or what? anyways, I would love to have a date with you <3. lets talk and laugh more. See you.

    Take care.

  3. Let's have a date. :<