July 20, 2017

The Fast Talk

"In the book of life's questions, the answer is not in the back."

Hey there! Surprised to read another post from me didn't you? Well, lets just say I'm a little inspired. Hence, the post. ;) Just like what the title says. This is Fast Talk (or should it be fast chat?) Anywho, there will be 10 questions that I need to answer and a brief explanation as to why. Ohohoho. 

Many thanks to my bestfriend, Mau Sarcon , for helping me out (I practically chatted my friends to help me by letting them ask me personal questions since I'm running out of ideas for a blog post, though unfortunately, they were all busy :(  Luckily my dear ever best friend suggested this instead.) and for providing me with the questions despite your busy schedule. Without further ado, lets begin.

1. Long hair or Short hair
  • Long hair - Simply because I miss sporting my hair long. I chopped my hair off like a year ago like really really short because my hair sort of got damaged because I dyed it blonde. Now, I'm just waiting for it to grow longer plus, it makes me warm during the winter too. 

2. Sunrise or Sunset
  • Sunrise - There is this sense that every sunrise is a new day. A new beginning.

3. Sunday or Saturday
  • Sunday -  As much as I love the weekends, I've got work on the Saturday.

4. Jollibee or McDonald's
  • Both - Wait, wait, let me explain. *clears throat* Jollibee because I miss it. Like seriously, this country should have a franchise and established it like anywhere. I miss eating the spaghetti and chicken joy. I would visit the place like almost everyday. McDonald's in here because, their burgers are huge and really good, what more can I ask? ;D

5. Stargazing or Fire flies watching
  • Stargazing -  I always love the stars. It has been a dream of mine to own a telescope someday. I have always been fascinated with the constellations, the universe and all since I was young. Plus, isn't it romantic to have a date under the moon and stars in the grassy field? 

6. Rain or Sunshine
  • Rain - I love the smell of rain as it hits the ground. *thinking* I sort of have a post somewhere entitled "Kiss the Rain". Not sure though, but, I think I do. Mind checking it out , please? :)
7. Spending a day in the beach or in the garden
  • In the garden - I'm basically no beach babe. Though, I love the sea and like the sound of the waves. I prefer to be in the garden surrounded by lots of flowers with a book in one hand.
8. White or Black
  • Both - Again, let me explain. It all depends on my mood. See? that easy. Next!
9. Chinese food or Indian Food
  • Ummm....Either and Neither. Is that acceptable? I mean, whichever's edible and not poisonous , then go.
10. Japan or Philippines
  • Though I love Japan there's still no place like home. 

That's all folks! 

Hope you enjoy reading this little fast talk and if you want to ask more questions just write it in the comment section down below. 

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Question #11:

    Anime or Boyfriend?


    1. Ehehehe...thats a hard question. I would like to have both worlds. So both. You can't stop me. I want my own Lee Syaoran in the flesh and also in animation. Fufufufu. ;)