December 18, 2015

The Magic Christmas Box

Christmas is just around the corner, a week to be precise. 

Here I was doing my own thing one afternoon when someone sent me a message and to my surprise, one of my trainees sent me an early Christmas greeting. 

Status: Hiatus

After a long long long while...

Guess who's back???

July 10, 2015

Ala Little Sophia

Every little girl's dream is to be a "princess."

Who wouldn't be? Admit it, you and I want to be just like that. So just for one day, our little "sophia" got her wish on her most special day.

July 1, 2015


Holy smoke!

These words are an understatement. How can I possibly forget? It's been three years since I started blogging and I can't believe that I actually didn't post the last book that I have read. A book which was written by one of my favourite authors, Alex Flinn! I have already posted some of her works in here,but, to miss one? I.cannot.myself. And here I thought, I managed to do every one of them. *sighs

Takes a deep breath and composes oneself. Nevertheless, better late than never (This excuse is so over used. I know. Sorry ^__^)

This time, we will go into the world of the famous witch who turned Kyle Kingsbury a beastly: Kendra Hilferty.


Beastly was just one of her curses.

June 29, 2015

The Stars Shine Down

To be successful you need friends,
To be very successful you need enemies.

                             - Sidney Sheldon



In the world dominated by men.
A woman stood and conquered.

June 23, 2015

The Sands of Time

Another praise worthy work of the world's renowned master storyteller Sidney Sheldon.



Four sisters.
Four different women.
Four different pasts.
All came together.

June 4, 2015

The Da Vinci Code

There are some things that were kept.
Certain things that must always stay hidden.
there are also things that were meant to be---found.



Harvard Professor and Symbologist Robert Langdon was thrown into another case when the Louver curator and a Priory of Sion Grand Maste Jacques Sauniere was shot at the Museum. According to the man who shot him, he is working for a man named "Teacher", who was looking for the "keystone". An important item crucial in search of the holy grail. Robert Langdon was then summoned to decode the cryptic message that was left before the curator died.

Under suspicion of the estranged granddaughter of the murdered man, Sophie Neveu. She and Robert Langdon decode the messages that leads them place to place that will somehow lead them to the holy grail---with the police hot on their trails.

What will become of them?
What were the clues all about?
Can they find the holy grail?
Will they find the culprit who wants the holy grail?
What secret that was hidden that is now to be discovered? 


"Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than obtain what they desire."

June 3, 2015


What other way to start a new post for this month is to none other than express my gratitude to everyone who read, viewed and voted for my blog.

Thank You!

May 26, 2015

If Tomorrow Comes

This is by far the second book that I have read under the belt of one of the world's famous author Sidney Sheldon. I admit I'm not really a fan at first (which I really am most of the time). The first work of his, that I have ever read was entitled "Tell me your Dreams" which I just grabbed without looking at the title nor author not until I finished the whole book, and, the only reason why I read it was because my of classmate who thought that I was so bored (which I totally was) while waiting for the time for our shift to end. (OJT's and it's quirks)

Looking back now, I wouldn't have known how awesome his books were if it weren't for that classmate of mine who introduced me (unbeknown to her) to Sidney's work (thank goodness) and for that I'm truly thankful.

Anyhow, this post is about another work of his entitled...



Tracy Whitney almost have everything. She works as an operator in the Bank of Philadelphia. She is engaged to a wealthy heir who came from a prominent family named Charles Stanhope III. She has a promotion coming up when she comes home from her honeymoon and she's expecting a baby. Her life is completely laid out and perfect until she received a very tragic news. Her beloved mother committed suicide after Joe Romano, one of the right hand man of New Orleans Mafia Don, scammed her.

In rage because of the fact, Tracy went to New Orleans to confront Joe Romano which leads to uneventful that land her in prison. Tracy's hope crushed one by one when her attorney who convinced her to take a guilty plea despite her innocence in order to lessen her sentence for three supposed to defend her innocence, sent her in a fifteen year sentence instead. 

She soon realized that the judge who was presiding her case and Joe Romano were ally and both work for the infamous mafia Don. Now shunned by her boss, a broken engagement and the man who's supposed to be there for her turn his back to her and their unborn child, Tracy must face the challenges in her life all in her own.

How will Tracy face her life as prisoner?
What will become of her and her unborn child?
Can she still find the justice that was left unserved?
What will become of her?


Find out as you read through the pages of Sheldon's work as you witness how Tracy's tomorrow came.

May 25, 2015

Miss Kierra Jade!

It's amazing how each and every one of us got together in a way we never see.
How each and every one of us became close despite the differences as what it seems
How our personality differs.
How different each of us hurls.

May 12, 2015

The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight

There are many research that shows different statistical studies of many different things like:

How many people prefer to stand than sit on a bus.
How many people prefer to drink tea instead of coffee.
The percentages of men and women crying over sad movies.

These are just some examples of research and studies that most people dwell on.

But, there is one research that has not been confirmed just yet. 

The statistics of love at first sight.



Seventeen year old Hadley Sullivan's day couldn't just get any better.  First, she had a fight with her mom on her way to the airport. Second, she misses her flight by 4 minutes (4 minutes!) to London and third, she has to call her dad to inform him that she'll be late for his wedding which is held in London. Tomorrow. The same wedding that she had been dreaded for months.  Hadley's head ache just thinking about it. She never wanted to be apart of it. In fact, she never want anything to do with it.  

So, now she's stuck for 3 hours while waiting for the next flight that will fly her to London. She's stuck sitting between a snoring man, a rude old lady and a british boy sitting across with crumbs on his shirt. 

In a span of 24 hours what could possibly happen?
Can a short encounter change everything?
Can you possibly find the one in a city so big like London?
And can forgiveness and acceptance changes one view about love?


"Love is the strangest, most illogical thing in the world"

May 10, 2015

A Message on Mother's Day

Moms are the greatest heroes there is.

Pag-ibig Nga Naman!

"Love is never easy."

Don't you agree?


Pag-ibig Nga Naman!

Ang mundo ating kinagisnan ay magulong-magulo.
Sa pulitika, sa ating bansa  at maging sa buhay ng tao.
Pero may mas gugulo pa kung tungkol na sa pag-ibig ang itatanong ko?
Sasagutin mo ba ako ng walang pag-aalinlangan at bukal sa iyong sa puso?

Ang pag-ibig nga naman ay sadyang madaya.
Dumadating ng di inaasahan at minsan sa panahong walang-wala ka!

Ang pag-ibig nga naman ay sadyang kay saya,
sapagkat ito nagpapaligaya sa bawat isa.

Ang pag-ibig nga naman ay sadyang napakakulit.
Na kahit may tampo ka sa iyong  iniirog ay walang pakundangan kang kinakalabit.

Pag-ibig dito, pag-ibig doon.
Kahit saan lupalop man ng mundo ay parati itong nakasunod.
At kapag na saktan ka na ay para kang uugo-ugod.

Masakit na parang pasan mo ang mundo kung ito'y ilarawan mo.
Para bang wala ka nang pag-asang mabuhay sa mundong ito.

Hay! pag-ibig nga naman.
Sala sa init, sala sa lamig.
Pero aminin...
Masarap pa rin kapag ika'y umiibig.

May 3, 2015

One Summer

For a person who lived in a tropical country, I am never fond of summer. For one thing, it's way too hot and I can't stand the heat but since I live in a tropical country, I can't be not fond of summer for too long now, can't I?

April 15, 2015

Heaven and Earth

Let me start this post by saying at least three words: Oh. My. Gawsh!!!

I couldn't be more in love with the main character's leading man. Yes, you heard that right, her leading man. I lost count on how many times I giggled, swooned and sigh over this guy. I mean, who wouldn't be. I never would have seriously thought that I, would come across a character that is totally and exactly my type. If only he was real, I would move heaven and earth just to be with him. ~^_^~ Cheesy much? Do forgive me. For I will be in lala land every time he pops into my mind. *sighs

If you're curious as to who I am swooning over, you better read the second book of  the Three Sisters Trilogy.


The first curse is now broken.

 After the incident concerning Nell has died down. Peace has finally come to Three Sisters Island----or so they thought. 

From the mainland, carrying technologies and sort of out of this world gadgets comes paranormal research scientist Dr. MacAllister "Mac" Booke, an open minded scientist, who is interested in the phenomena revolving around the Three Sisters Island , It's legends and more importantly, the main reason he's come is to interview, as he deduced, one of the three witches--Mia Devlin. 

Mac followed reports about Nell and her dangerous ex-husband for several months. The mysterious happenings on the island which he thought that there is more to the story than they let him on and he wants to find it out. Enter, Deputy Ripley Todd, the younger sister of Zac, of whom his attention was caught and was intrigued by her and soon realized that she too, is a witch.  

With their emotions clashing. A test of one's self, A new revelation. An old enemy back and the second curse about to unravel. How will they handle this kind of situation?

Will Ripley be able to accept for who and what she is?
Will Mac be able to protect the one he loves?
and will Ripley find the justice she was looking all along?


Find out what happens in the second book of  Nora Roberts famous "Three Sisters Trilogy". 

April 8, 2015

Ano Ito?

It has been a long time since I blogged about something. Anything for that matter and its all because of my apparent laziness lately. If it weren't for some ransacking of some old drawings of mine, I surely wouldn't have found this (I happen to encounter a lot of those every time I ransack some of  my things. Did you notice?) 

Anyways, this would be a bit different from all my poems that you have read mainly because it's not written in English (that's why I said a bit different). Even so, I hope you come to like it.

This is dedicated to my classmate way back when I was still a college student Rodelyn Acquilles. (*waves Hi! :D)


Ano ito?

Sa tuwing ika'y nakikita
Puso ko'y kumakaba.
Mata'y mang isipin 
Sa iyo lagi nakatingin.

Nagpaparamdam kahit pa pano.
Nagkakaganito ng dahil sa'yo.
Isipin lang  kita
Mundo ko ay kumpleto.

Hindi ko pa ito nararanasan
o nabasa man lang.
Sa mga inaasahan kung libro
O sa mga pinagkakatiwalaan kung tao.

Ano nga ba ito?
Pag-ibig na ba ang tawag niyo dito?
Ito ba ang pag-ibig na nagpapasakit sa mga kawawang tao?
Ito ba ang pag-ibig na nagpapasaya sa lahat ng nakakaranas nito?

Mahal na nga ba kita kaya ako nagkakaganito?
Pana'y tulala at nakangiti kahit walang tao?
Nabubuhay sa imahinasyon at simpling ngiti pag tugon mo?

Kung pag-ibig ito,
Ano ang gagawin ko?

March 30, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

This is one of the nicest way to start a new post for the month of March. It seems like it was just yesterday that I happened to receive a nomination and now another one has come. I would like to express my gratitude to the one of nominated me Queenie Tancawan of "The Dolled-up Queen"(Thanks Doll ;D) 

And thus, it is now my turn to choose people who's versatility shines.

February 19, 2015

Plushie 101: The Love Plush

Hey guys! This is actually mys first DIY and I would like to apologize before hand if it isn't as informative as it should be. I''ll do better next time but first take the time and opportunity to view and read this. :D

February 11, 2015

Dance Upon the Air

Okaayyy...let me get this out of my chest, to be truthfully honest I'm no Nora Roberts fan if you ask me the reason why, I'll simply say I just do. I've never read any of her works, not even a page. I may have come across her works from time to time but never had the slightest bit of curiosity to check it out. Now here comes the unavoidable, what's the sudden change?

Well, I just so happen to have a lot of spare time NOT doing anything and I also happen to have a ton of books (courtesy of my dear beloved cousin from abroad, Hi!)  I still haven't read. Out of boredom, I took this book out of the shelf and started reading it without much of interest (is that even possible?) and then suddenly I started to get hooked on the book when I looked again for the cover to my utter surprise it was her work--Nora Roberts.

I must say she's a great story teller and now, I am one of her fans. Without further ado let me share to you an amazing story.


Blue eyed Nell Channing arrived at Three Sisters Island determined to start a new. With a new identity  and a job as  cook in the Cafe Book, Nell find refuge and a place where she can say she finally belongs. Careful to conceal her real identity, Nell begins her new life and begins to explore herself and her feelings for the island's sheriff Zach Todd. Soon, her attraction turns to the most unimaginable feeling she didn't want to feel---love. Nell, not only has to think about concealing her identity but must also accept that she's a descendant of one of the Three witches that founded the Island. Having discovered the power of Air, Nell started to every embrace what she is not just that, but took every precaution there is too. One mistake, one wrong move and everything she built for will shatter. Yet, things won't always go according to plan. Soon, the person she was running away from came to the island to search for missing person he thought had died---her.

With all the things that is predestined to happened what will she do?
Can Nell have the love she yearned for?
Can she run from the past that is now haunting her in Three Sisters Island?
Will she have the courage to face it head on?


Be amazed and let your imagination wander as you read and dwell in the world of "The Three Sisters Island"

February 2, 2015

Angels and Demons

I am a certified Dan Brown fan especially his works when it comes to Robert Langdon series and as far as I'm concerned I have posted only one (imagined that?!?) one work of his! To think I have read his books. Tsk tsk tsk. Stress.

That is why after a long mental battle with myself which was a tiring task mind you, it involves a lot tug of war questions of whether or not I have posted this and that book, which could have been a lot more easier if I had just look it up here in my blog, but I didn't so, yeah. Whew!

Back to the point, as I was saying, All of Dan Brown's work (I meant the Robert Langdon series, alright?) will be posted in here and what do you think is much befitting beginning other than to start from where it all began. Now, some people may have thought that The Da Vinci Code was his first book but in truth it was the opposite. Da Vinci code gained popularity through its controversy where in actual fact, it's Angel and Demons that started it all. That dear readers is what I'm about to tell you.


In a prestigious facility, one physicists was murdered in the name of Leonardo Vetra, He was branded with an ambigram of the word "Illuminati" on his chest, when the CERN director Maximillian Kohler found his body. This is where a Robert Langdon steps in. A Harvard professor that teaches about symbology. He was called forth to help in investigating the death of the late physicist Leonardo Vetra. Not soon after did they realized, murder wasn't the only thing they need tot worry about but also a stolen canister containing anti-matter---a substance with a destructive power comparable to a nuclear weapon is ticking a way.

Accompanied by the late physicists adopted daughter, Vittoria Vetra. Their quest to find the missing canister 
lead them to a place they never thought they could enter--The Vatican. Robert Langdon now faces a task and a mind game to help save the lives of cardinals who were kidnapped.

Time is ticking away.
Will Robert Langdon save the missing cardinals?
Will they recover the anti-matter?


"Science and religion are not at odds. Science is simply too young to understand."

January 29, 2015

The Sinulog 2015


It's finally here!!! One of the most celebrated festivals here in the Philippines---SINULOG!

January 22, 2015



I started the year by chopping of my hair and for the first time in forever I get to see myself with a hair length shorter that I used to.
A brand new year.
A brand new look.

January 20, 2015

Rainforest Adventure Part 2

Gear it up!
Didn't I tell you on my previous post that me and my sisters were going to do something a bit extreme? Well, technically, our own definition of extreme. 

January 18, 2015

Rainforest Adventure Part 1

Hey guys! How's the start of your year? Me? Well, I'm behind post after post so bear with me for a couple of seconds. (Gome gome)

Anywho, this year I'm going to start it up by posting the previous activities that I have done last year. It all happened on the 26th of December when my family decided to go somewhere to do more bonding. Our destination---Rainforest Park.