December 18, 2015

Status: Hiatus

After a long long long while...

Guess who's back???

H.E.Y G.U.Y.S. !!!

It has been such a long time huh? How you've been? Me? I have been pretty much busy for this past couple of months, hence, I wasn't able to put up new posts. My colleagues and friends kept asking me about it too and frankly speaking, I have tons of other reasons. However, one of those so called reasons is----(drum rolls please)--------I am not in the mood to do so. *surprise *surprise.

Lots of questions were thrown at me too. On whether I have stopped blogging or not and whether will I delete this blog of mine. Well, to ease your worries dear readers of mine, I shall answer your inquiries right now. The answer is no. N-O. I won't stop blogging. I may have some mood issues and the lack of motivation from time to time but I won't stop, I repeat, I won't stop blogging. :)

Having shared some memories, experiences to the people who took the time reading my blog made me happy. I just hope when you read this blog of mine, I have at least in my own little way help you to feel ease, relax or even ponder. ^___^

So, I guess me posting this means one thing, I'll be back on track. Hopefully. I hope I can post lots of pictures too. (Good luck to me! whew!) For taking the time to read this post, my heartfelt thanks. >_< 

Until then!

Keep posted 'kay? 

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