March 25, 2013

Warm Bodies

Hello once again!

I have come to share this memory of mine from my previous encounter with "twin" Johara Veloso , who happens to be  the behbeh of my labs and shes a certified cosplayer too! (That's right- It's none other than you). 

Now, let me begin this  short story (I prefer that word "story") on why I have come to look and have this book.

We were in the car of my dear "Labs" Maureen Sarcon together with yours truly,  Johara and their Fubu Mico, as we went to pick up her (Labs) costume for the cosplay event last January that was being held at the UP grounds.

Twin and I were at the backseat --- laughing,  listening to music and endless chatting. We were talking about some random stuffs (since that was the third time that we really got to meet each other, hang out and bond. So more like it's the time where we will get to know each other)

Anyways, there we were, talking some under-the-sun topics when we hit one of the most talk about topics
(I know I know you're thinking about Love life  right? No, really? seriously?) Sure, we do talk about it but aside from that there ARE others too.


YES! (finally!) We talk about movies and she happened to mention an upcoming movie that is somewhat like the Twilight saga with a different kind of twist.  She mentioned the title of the movie and I was like quiet for a while.
The title definitely rings a bell and I mean Definitely-- then It hit me-- She was referring to a book. I told twin that --That--- was  a from a book.
Since I happened to came across with it while I was very busy looking for a book.

She told me about it and as she narrate's it my mind is elsewhere.

It really got me curious, just like what Alice said to the rabbit "Curiouser and curiouser".

And you know what this means?  I go to directly to the ever helpful "Wikipedia" (Hahaha...yup! I searched it on the net) 

I read the sympnosis and it's quite interesting and it made me really curious too. Buhhhlieve meh -- INTERESTING and me being CURIOUS is a really good  in my book.  I was dying to read it but I need to save money first.

And so my patience is being tested (Lucky enough ---- I have tons of those. hehe). I was rewarded when at last I bought it--as a gift for myself ---for my birthday.

Viola!! Here it is:

This is exactly the cover of my book.

Let's dig a little deeper shall we?


(spoiler alert!!!)

The narrator of this story is named "R"--a zombie . The zombies are inhabiting a post-apocalyptic America that has been destroyed by decades of wars and natural disasters, culminating in a mysterious zombie plague. "R" doesn't have any  memory of who he is nor the understanding of what it means to be alive or undead. For a zombie, R is so moral. He doesn't want to hurt anyone and he doesn't like pain. He doesn't want to eat humans but he needs to in order to survive. Like I've said moral. Though in his current state R has a vague notion that something is not right with the world and Being dead you can only feel hunger no other not the human feelings of sadness, happiness not even love ----that is until he met her--Julie.
How did they meet?

They met during a hunting party. She was with her friends to gather up some supplies when "R" and his bands attacked. "R" was the one who killed Julie's boyfriend Perry, by pulling his legs down resulting of him hitting his head at the edge of the table and R ate his brains. By doing so, he had a vision (which you do--when you ate a person's brain) but this one's different it's longer and most of it has her in it--Julie. So when he sees, at the dark part of the room cowering  there's something inside of him that urges him to save her, to protect her, to keep her safe. And so he did by bringing her to the airport full of zombies. He covered her with a dead zombies blood to hide her scent and even himself he wasn't sure what he was doing until---you get to read the later part.
So there. Ill just STOP right there.

It's for you to read and finished it . I hope that you will  enjoy the book as much as I did.

QUOTES for the day:

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” 

                                                                                                                                   - Oscar Wilde-

Yours truly,

The Book Worm 

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  1. Awww. I will definitely watch this movie. Maybe when I will have all the time in the world. <///3 If you know what I mean. I will surely miss you Labs. :* FOREVER.