March 7, 2013

I Don't Want To Be Alone

I don't want to be Alone

I have wandered in this world like a  lost soul.
Emotions --gone like I never have it all.
My mind wanders here and there, thinking whether if  I was once adored.
Yet, all I can think of is nothingness until my very core.

I looked up and darkness sets in this very sky.
Like sharing my emptiness ,not needing to lie.
In my own shattered world I am confined.
Can't break loose nor I could hide.

I want to run...
I want to cry...
Until--my eyes runs dry.

 I want to shout...
I want to scream...
I want this all to be just a dream.

I want to wake up from this tragedy.
I want my heart not break up  from this sad reality.
I want my mind to freely wander and not grasping for my mentality.

I don't want to be alone...
I don't want the idea that my feelings are not shown.
I don't want my dreams to be twirled.
I don't wan't  hide from the world .

Let me go so I can be.
Let me go so I can see.
Let  me go so I can believe.

I don't want to be alone...

So, let me love you.
So, I can be free.