October 24, 2013

Get Well Soon!

Three days ago, a certain someone was not feeling well. She told me that she somehow feels sluggish and cold. Though, when I touched her she said that I am much colder than her. (I wonder why?)

I was extremely worried since she didn't replied to my previous messages that I sent her via text. (Now, I'm more worried)

Though, I find relief when she answered my call yesterday (Finally). It was my last resort since there are a lot of things running on my mind by that time. When I heard her voice it was relatively small and weak unlike her usual boisterous self. I may be a worry wart ( I can't help it) but, I was indeed thankful and at ease knowing that she's at  home and recuperating.

So, I thought of something that somehow might cheer her up. It may be small I was hoping that this little message of mine can put a smile on her face.

Labs, this one's for you.


♥ Get well soon!♥

Yours truly,

The Book Worm

October 21, 2013

Anna 2: The Second Book

I was left hanging in there when I finished reading the first book of Anna Dressed in Blood. I was practically sad that I couldn't get to read a satisfying ending. In other words, I was disappointed. It took me awhile to get over it.

To take my mind off it. I was busy browsing the net looking for some good books to read when I came across a very familiar figure of the book cover. I blinked twice and a huge grin spread across my face.

Guess what?

I found it!!! The second and final installment of the book.

I did a spaz dance after finding it  (It happens from time to time, so don't be all O.o on me.)

The title is  Girl of Nightmares.

Here's the book cover:

> Where could she possibly be?<


Stay tuned and find out!

Yours truly,

The Book Worm