September 4, 2014

CROP it up

Dark skies and lightning flashes into the sky, as I ventured myself into some expected and unexpected kind of scenario. In an event that is all-in-one, I might have considered that night as one my busiest day. One, I have to be a gracious hostess for my cute little nephew's second birthday and two, I have to do what a girl's got to do. ;) (you know what I mean)

I might have used all of my energy for a lot of different areas: from using my bare voice (that's just recuperating and this I considered unexpected!) to speak to a crowd who barely listens to cheering for my fellow countrymen who joined the FIBA world cup. After being a hostess and doing all the things that I needed to do at the party, I went out for a bit cause I needed to be in some place else. 

I would like to thank our friend Kuma for letting us use their terrace for a one night-rendezvous together with my ever beloved best friend. Though, I was pretty tired and scared (due to some ghostly reasons) I managed to shrug it off.

After all I have to do is to CROP it up and that's all ;)

She's Fav Crop top
She's Fav Black leather-like high-waist shorts 
Red sneakers Viper

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  1. Yes, you were so busy indeed. But at least those ghostly reasons managed to make you relieve your stress. Haha

    1. Those ghost stories made me paranoid...I was relieved and frightened at the same time. fufufu

  2. Yeah... you just gotta do what you gotta.. and that's cropping it up.