September 17, 2014


I entitled this post NERD for two reasons: One, the word nerd means a person who studies hard and Two, I happen to like the word.

It was a cloudy and windy day when I asked my best friend to accompany me in search for a tee. We found a bunch of cute tee's, but, sad to say the price was beyond the budget I had set aside so scratch that. Anyways, It didn't take us long to find the perfect one and on that same day, I wore it. 

The tee might be simple but it was catchy for me and I love it. After all, in my twisted understanding of the definition it simply defines: Me.  

This is the first time I've let my hair down for a shoot. Usually, if you have noticed, it was always tied up.

I'm one proud NERD.

White "Nerd" tee from Art and Soul
Skater skirt
Over sized glasses
Red sneakers from Viper

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  1. you look so beautiful here kimmy..

  2. Nice work kimmy!

    Nice shots Mau!

    Niiiiiiiice shirt!!

    I want one! I want the glasses to be pink though xDDDD

    1. Thank you very much Yhannie!

      You want one?? Ohhh...welcome to the Nerd group! *hugs >///<

  3. I like the 2nd to the last pick before the line, "i'm one proud nerd." ;-)

    1. Oh my gawssshhhh!!! This is a surprise! Thank you kuya! ^_^