November 3, 2014

Agua Villa Resort

Welcome...Welcome to...



Agua Villa Resort is located in Panalipan, Catmon, Cebu. An hour drive from the city (if there is no traffic). It's easy to spot on since it's just beside the road. The house was fully furnished and tidied up, not to mention you have it all to yourselves and can use all the amenities minus the television of course. Hah!

This is the place were my team mates and I decided to spend our much first team up for team building.
Rein your horses for a second, I am not going to talk about *that in here. This post is solely for the place, no other. Just be patient and we'll get there in no time. ;) 

For the meantime, let us all focus all our attention in here. My apologies beforehand for I only manage to get a little bit of pictures for the whole place. 

Anywho, let's start our tour shall we?...

welcomes you to Agua Villa! :D


Our tour starts with  the inside of the house first, of course ;)

The entrance

The living room

The walls were adorned with different kinds of paintings, shells and inspirational quotes.

Aren't they nice?

Let's venture the world of the chefs...hehehe
The indoor kitchen and dining room : One inside the house and the other is just right outside. 

As you can see you, all the things needed are in there. You can borrow all the utensils from spices to the fridge, plates you name it. As for the food, you have to buy on your own don't worry it won't be wasted--there's a fridge too you know ;)

The outdoor kitchen

This is where we cook (ehem! I'm excluded in the cooking part) most of our foods. BUT if you want to do the grilling...they have a place just right for that one...below.

The boys mainly do their thing.

BACK to house...

Where were we? Oh right...the second floor here we come!

The stairs towards second floor. 
(Look at that chandelier! The walls are also adorned with little paintings)

The second floor 
which has its own couches and a good view of the sea, the pool and the sky.

One of the three rooms. 

The three rooms are:

Two(2) air conditioned rooms - This one included
One (1) big room - with no air conditioned just an electric fan


The view outside and...

The balcony

The pool
(There are pool rules: READ them first. Did I forget to mention we all have the pool all to ourselves? I did? We'll we do. kekeke)

 The jacuzzi 
(My team mates were in there! wave you guys!! hi!)

It's other features...

You can also go for a dip in the sea but we didn't have the chance to do so, here's a picture of it:


Over night stay - 10,500 php good for 12 to 15 people. 
There is a corkage fee for drinks and liquors.
Reservation before hand is recommended.

A good place to do your team buildings, group outings and even family bonding.
The view, the space, the privacy. You have it.

That's it lads and lassies!

Peace we out!!!


  1. I wanna go there..... Q______Q

    I like how convenient it looks!!

    Nice one Kimmy~!!

    1. Yeah. Girl Bonding!!! You'll be the one cooking Yhannie >.<. hihihih