November 8, 2014

QQE Halloween 2014

One day...
One event...


Every 31st of October, we get to celebrate and have a scary-fic time of our lives here in QQEnglish. Lets not forget, this year also happens to be (other than the occasional costume party) the time of the year in which we get to be someone we're not all because it's H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N. Oh yeah!

You see, people have this exhilarating feeling when this time comes and I'm not exaggerating I tell you. From the teachers, the staffs and even the students they're all hyped up for this event.  With all the planning, brainstorming and last minute decisions for their amazing costumes, who would not be thrilled to see the result of their hard work and effort? Certainly not me and speaking of costumes we will come to that part later on. (patience dear readers.)

Now, now, now, if the masses were very much ready for it. What about the company? Well folks, QQEnglish itself won't fall behind when it comes to creativity and having the spirit of Halloween. That being said, they set out activities or shall I say a contest for us to participate in. Of course, if there is a contest then there'll also be prizes (goodie!!) another good reason to be motivated other than the joy of doing it. 

Here are the following contests that made each of our blood boiling, pumped up and ready to take action. RAWR.

First, The Pumpkin Making contest in which all of us were encouraged to participate and I do mean all of us. 

(A whole set of cute and scary pumpkin designs )

Second, The Halloween Statue Contest.

(Need I remind you that it's creepy to stand beside a ----err corpse?)

And lastly, the much awaited Halloween Costume Contest

Now this is what we're talking about.The battle of the bests. One cool costume after another. Truly, this is the day in which the people gives their all to entertain, to win and be called the best. Even I can't decide which costume should win. To be perfectly honest, I want all of them to win they all deserve it hands down. But that's all me, no matter how great they are, its up to the judges to decide who's the best among the rest. 

And boy did they decide! It must be tough on them too. Anywho, among them only three were the chosen ones and these are our winners for this year's QQEnglish 2014 Halloween Costume Contest. 

On third place we have Ms. Marian.
On second place Ms. Mickey.

(We call this the battle of the Maleficents. )
( Ms. Marian on the left and Ms. Mickey on the right.)

And the scariest of them all, Grand Slam winner (drum rolls please) Ms. Aira as the goddess of the underworld Persephone, wife of Hades.

(Never mess with her if you value your life. She's the death goddess.)


It doesn't end there yet. Halloween wouldn't be "Halloween" if there is no ehem-ehem...TRICK OR TREAT!!! 

Yep, you got it right!

Who says kids are the only ones who can have candies? We ADULTS want one too. As long you're wearing something related to Halloween be it a costume, a head gear, a face  paint etc. you are very much qualified to participate in the trick or treating just don't forget your candy baskets or no candies for you.

Don't say I didn't warn you? ;)


You see? You get to win prizes, meet new people, gained new friends and most of all had fun. No wonder it is indeed the best when you celebrate Halloween here in QQE. 

Though this post is a bit late hope you don't mind me sharing about it.

Until next year!

Be Spooky!
Get Spooky!



  1. So Chio ang halloween party sa qq... as useles.... wa gihapon ko naka upload sa uban...

    1. YOU can do it Ms. payteng! I'm excited about the photos. :D

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed Halloween as much as I did. :)

  3. BUT you weren't in costume!



    I soooo love Teacher Aira's costume! xDD

    1. Because I was planning not to wear one in the first place and yes, I totally agree with you Ms. Aira rocks!