November 24, 2014

All for One and One for All: The Hardcore Team Building Part 1

All for One 
One for All!

This is will be our motto for the day.


It's been 3 weeks since the first ever team up of both A.M. and P.M.  Hardcore Callan shifts for their first ever team building (why am I excluding myself? Hah!). Planning this outing is not an easy matter, there are a lot things to consider from food budget down to transportation (whew!). Let us not forget the tons of inevitable circumstances that occurred. There even comes to a point that we almost didn't pursue our planned itinerary due to some well, shall I say  circumstances? (Let's not get into specifics, agreed?)

Nevertheless, a midst the up and downs. The bend and curves. The straight and swirls. We finally manage to see eye to eye and the long awaited team building has finally come into a reality. (three cheers!)

Fast Forward...

Our meeting place is in the North Bus terminal. The A.M. shifts' tasks were to buy the food before the date approaches and among other things since the P.M. shifts can't do it. Plus, they just got out of their duty on that day and pretty much haven't had enough sleep. Their task, on the other hand was to do the lifting.  

 Our destination is an hour (or is it an hour and a half tops?) from the city. Considering we already ventured in the South, this time we'll invade the North specifically Panalipan, Catmon, Cebu. After a long sort of bumpy ride, at last we reached our stop, a place called Agua Villa where we (ehem!) rented the whole place. Yes, dear folks! We had that place all to ourselves. 

After depositing our stuff, admiring the place and getting dibs on which room to sleep on, we finally get down to business and started our first schedule and that is to make breakfast. Everyone else agreed. :D (can't win a battle with an empty stomach you know.)

The ladies did their magic!

Delivering the eggs to a pack of hungry wolves *pun intended

Getting everything prepared


Who threw a joke that made you three laughing?

I must say, preparing breakfast sure is fun with all the laughs, cooking, slicing and more laughs. It sure is a good way to bond even if they have known each other for quite sometime now. I guess having different shifts makes it a bit difficult huh? (Then again, I'm excluding myself...ahahaha)

The long wait is over. Our grumbling stomachs can certainly stop grumbling and our large intestines can now spit out our small ones (we need both for digestion, mind you) and feast for a good hearty breakfast. 


Yep! Definitely delectable!

So now, we feast. BUT, let's take one good ole picture shall we?

Oops...make that two ;) 


One, two three say...


Bon apetite!


Stomachs full? Check. Energized? Check. Ready for anything? Double Check. Let's go?!?!
NOT YET, hold your horses guys. We might as well prepare first before we jump the gun and go to our next stop, okay? so take it easy...

Now for the next preparation, like I said a while ago, the boys will most do the heavy lifting and preparing the fishes to their doom (I'm kidding) for grilling.

Off with its head!

Ahmm...boys, aren't you supposed to be working?

After doing this and that, now you can finally stop holding your horses be excited. Cause we are now going to our next destination! (Did I mention that we have another? aside from this one that is?)

But before anything else, lets not forget to take some pictures shall we?

Memories are very important you know.

Getting cozy...

Where could all of you been?

Ms. Lee sure does look comfy

What are you dreaming about Ms. Ian?

Three little girls in white? O.o

The team leaders (L-R) : Ms. Ian, Sir Otic and Ms. Tin

Father and daughter? Peace guys! ^_^

Another father and daughter?!? :O Peace again guys! ^_^

I'm sensing a pattern in here, do you? ;D Anyways, moving on...

Take your pose ladies!

What secret are you guys keeping, hmmm?

It has come to my attention that the both of us always have a picture on our
previous team building. This one is not an exemption. ;)

and for the finale-ish, I give you...

Team Hardcore!!!


We still have our next destination or did you forget because of all the pictures?


Well, I have news for you then. (breathes deeply)

I would like to say that, that would be for the next post since unfortunately, I don't have all the space I need for the next one due to too much space for the pictures. (T-T)

pffft I'm kidding of course! But I am serious when I said our next destination will be for my next post. You know how I love cliff hangers and this happens to be one of them. ;)

What can I say?


Stay tune! ;D


  1. I want to do those stuff too..

    I want a vacation...

    more details on the expenses

    on the next post..onegai :O

  2. I simply love it Kim...

    P.S. I wasn't dreaming, it's just that, it's too hot. hahahaha That's a horrible pic of mine Kim. hahaha

  3. Really? I find that picture cute! >///<

  4. Replies
    1. Ohohohohohohoho....^O^. someone's having a hepatomegaly....kekekekek