July 20, 2014

Pink and Beige

Its been constantly raining here in my country. The omnipresent dark sky makes one's mood shift from bright to gloomy. Even though that I know it rains at this time of the year, one can't stop being hopeful that it doesn't. Truth be told it makes me miss the rays of sunshine, but, it doesn't mean that I don't like it.

You see my best friend Mau and I came up with an idea. We decided to take this rainy opportunity to have our first ever best friend collaboration! Fi-nal -ly. So, on the 16th of July Wednesday afternoon, just after our shift, we drove to the park along with our friends Cherry and Tifa-chan. Labs's boyfriend Mac and Guada tagged along too. We took turns taking outfit shots and since the both of us were such a girl scout, we're also prepared for the "rainy event" meaning we brought umbrellas and wear cardigans too. 

It turns out we won't be needing it anymore cause what we thought was a supposed rainy cloudy shoot becomes a bright warm sunny sunshine instead.

Come to think of it, this is also my first shoot with a different hair color. >///<

I like the design of the back of this cardigan and the rest of it as well. My mom bought this piece thinking that I wouldn't be able to enter the building if I continue to wear sleeveless shirts (Which is true. Considering the fact that it's the building's policy.) For that, thanks Mom!

A penny for your thoughts?

Grey knitted cardigan
Light pink laced sleeveless

Black skater skirt

Ballet shoes from Follie

A biege headpiece with pearl flowers

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  1. It seemed your turning your page into something fashionable. You look better though. Way you go! ;)

  2. nice pix kimmy...you look great!

    1. Thank you Ms. Sandra. Mau really is a good photographer, isn't she? ;)

  3. Beautiful. ;) good job kay Mau sa pics!

    1. Thank you thank you Selena powh. I agree with you there. I salute Labs eye for things. :D

  4. Ang pretty mo naman Ms. Kim :) Bagay mo yung color ng hair mo ^_^

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