July 6, 2014

Thinking of You

Since I stumble upon my old collection of poems I have decided (without thinking too hard) that I am going to post it in here since I love to express myself by means of a poem. We may not know, what I have just written might actually be a mirror or so, to what you have felt. Albeit my amateur sentence construction is not that good. I still hope you'll find the time to read it. :D

Anywho, that's enough tittle-tattle. You go on reading. As for me, hmmm...maybe, just maybe, I'll start thinking of you. ;D


Thinking of You

I know I just met you but I can't remember when
with some reasons, my mind tries to find you then. 
And when all my troubles starts to mend
All I can do is to think of you, man!

In this head of mine I keep on reminiscing,
In a part that we are singing.
I always smile when I remember that scene
Maybe it's just the fact,
That I never turn my back where it all begin.

For some reasons, we do not consider each other close.
Yet, we smile and greet each other with a pose.
Funny how it seems like we've never met before
When just a snap!
We texted too long on the cell phone.

How glad am I to meet you!
For in some ways I'm no longer blue.
Because liking you is not that hard to do
Cause all I do is smile and think of you.



  1. OMG. I think... I THINK... this is... OMG!

    1. Ahahaha...you think what now?? Spit it out. :D