July 13, 2014

The Love I Prayed

Due to the poems that I have recently posted a lot of people have been asking me  whether if I'm inspired or in love. My answer to their query is this: O.o is that a big deal? However, my answer was not to their satisfaction because *clears throat according to them, my poems has somewhat have a meaning behind it, which is true, by the way. And for the nth time, my reasons are different from those mushy reasons they come up with. (-_-) Let. It. Go.

(-_-) Nevertheless, to keep your minds straight and sane; here's an answer to some of your questions: some of my poems were dated way way back during my high school days. While others, when I was in my university years. THAT, dear folks is not hard to believe so don't give me that look. Like I've said, these works of mine have been stashed up for a pretty long time and covered in dust!!!  Thus, I said to myself "Wouldn't be a waste to not share it to someone? or some people and be part of it even if it's just a little?" that's when I made a snap decision.

What do you think is the fastest means of communication these days other than the phone? Correct. The internet. So a little post of here and there and Viola! There you have it. YOU read my poems. :P

As to who and what inspires me to write, I guess that would be the people behind it or the weather that affects my mood. Feelings that can't be expressed. Movies, romance novels, songs, cheesy quotes... you name it.

Enough about my rants. Now that you know the reason. I have another poem I'd like to share to you guys. I made this for my college classmate named Marines Lecciones (*waves Hi te! ^O^) I hope you remember when you read this---someday! ^_^


The Love I Prayed

We were friends 
since we were kids.
The kind of friendship
we don't want to hid.

When I am sad,
you were there to cheer me up.
When I am down,
you were the one who pulled me up.

You bring forth happiness to me
in some ways you'll never see.
You made me feel special,
like no other girl could be.

A dear friend I am to you
but, you're more than a friend to me.
Through the years, these feelings were hidden.
Afraid that it might become a burden.

So long it was kept but 
I never once I wept.
I always enjoyed being with you
For never I time that 
I feel gloom.

Until such time,
I was about to give up.
You suddenly came to me so hurriedly,
hugged me ever so gently

And said to me out of the blue:
"Could you keep me so I won't feel blue?"



  1. The ending kind of pisses me off. D:

    1. "Could you keep me so I won't feel blue?" because of that. It's too vague. :O

    2. Ahh.. that one. Well, actually it's because he realizes his feelings for her when she decided to almost let go of her feelings for him. :D

  2. Agree, there are times when you can only see the worth of something or someone when it's gone. ;-)

    1. That is true. That is why people should never take them for granted and express what they really feel so no regrets.