March 27, 2014

The Alchemist

" When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."


Do you have a dream?

Have you realized what your dream is?

Did you give it up?

or Did you followed it?

Do you have your own personal legend?

This is an amazing story about Following your dreams...

Believing in yourself...

Having hope...

Listening to your heart...

Finding love along the way...


Believing in God.


In Paulo Coelho's most astounding work, He will tell us a story about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago, who dreamed of finding his treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. How he has the courage to cross the borders with undying faith. How he met such wise people in helping him to realize the meaning of his dreams. How he met his one true love and How he was able to fulfill his own personal legend.

Read, experience and feel the beauty of achieving one's dream and aspirations. And when you do, you will most definitely say to yourself: That is indeed  true.



" There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure."

March 24, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations.


This is a story about sixteen year old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster, who  has a thyroid cancer that affected her lungs making her difficult to breathe. Hazel, encouraged by her mother, attends a cancer support group at the heart of Jesus. Together with her co-cancer patients both survivor and on treatment, listen to each and every one's woes and optimism. The same old routine.The same faces. The same lines to deliver. Nothing new. Nothing new. 

She managed to keep things to herself just not to hurt those people around her. Reflecting her life just like the one she read in her favorite book An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten, the author that she would someday like to meet. One things for certain in which Hazel Grace didn't deny nor evade: All that has happened to her, all that she feels is a side effect of dying.

But, would her mind change when one day during her session with her support group, meet a boy like no other? A boy that would make her feel worth it. A boy who has taken an interest in her---Augustus Waters.

A boy who had given her forever within a number of days.

Find out their story. As you get to experience the humor...
 the sadness...
 and the love...
 in this work by John Green .


Shakespeare's play Julius Ceasar (Act 1, Scene 1). The nobleman Cassius says to Brutus,
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, /But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

March 20, 2014

Beating and Enjoying the Summer Heat!!!

S.U.M.M.E.R.---Summer is here!!!

I bet you're all excited and have already set out an itinerary way ahead before the summer even began. And speaking of summer, one thing is for sure, we really need to beat the so called "enemy of us all" and that is the undying----heat. Why do you think this is so? Well, it wouldn't be that fun if you just let the heat get in the way of such wonderful summer, wouldn't you? And you also simply wouldn't let it bother you to such extreme. That being said, instead of having a little competition over as how to beat the heat of summer and who will be the winner. Why not enjoy the heat and beat it at the same time? Sounds more fun doesn't it? I bet it does.

Here's what we should do...

  • We all know that the word summer is mostly associated with water---lots of  water  and that means we get to spend so much time either in the beach or in the pool especially in a country such as ours. So swim ahead and flip your fins--err I mean feet and enjoy. By doing so you get to soak in the water, you get to soak under the sun and let's not forget having a tan.

  • You wouldn't just go and dive into the water without any protection from the harmful rays of sun, wouldn't you? Or even if you are not going to into the water at least put some thing on your skin. Our skin is very important. It is our first line of defense against anything. Once damaged we are more prone to both minor and serious injuries such as sun burn. To prevent that from happening you should apply some sun screen with SPF 15 or 30. It helps protect the skin from the UVA rays that are both damaging and dangerous. 

  • Okay, you might complain, which I know would be a lot, since you can't dress up the way you wanted. Considering the weather is hot, it would entirely be inappropriate if you wear tight dresses and stiletto heels under the scorching heat. Fret not, for you can still be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.
Tip 1:

Who said anything about wearing loose clothes is "out" in the fashion list? That is not true. Wearing loose clothes actually let the heat out of our body contrary to wearing tight fitting clothes which is instead of letting the heat escape it's containing it leading to heat stroke. 

For this summer, wear loose clothes and show some of those legs by wearing shorts. You can also accessorize by wearing bangles and a pair it with comfy flip flops or gladiator sandals . The catch is getting "comfortable" and sexy NOT "uncomfortable" and sexy.

Tip 2:

While some us don't want to get a tan and would gladly stay away from the sun. We would most likely lose the opportunity to have fun. To solve your "sun problem" and fashion problem at the same time, put a summer hat on. Remember hats are not just a mere accessory to compliment our looks but a protection to our heads.

TIP 3:
What better way to see an amazing view without getting distracted by the rays of the sun other than by wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes. Yep, nowadays sunglasses comes in every shapes and sizes. In every color, in every hue. You can match it with your clothes too!!

Now, you can be fabulous and still be in style in summer!!

  • There are certain times when we are too lazy or too busy to go out of town to unwind. So, we choose to be near and to spend some of our time cooling off in the mall. Though, we can't always be in the mall, could we? That wouldn't be too practical. If you want to cool down and want to spend so little?There's a very simple solution to your dilemma. Who could ever forget some delicious treat.  Food, is one of the things that we crave the most. No matter where we go, we don't forget food!! Every season has a particular food that is intended for that time alone. And for summer, it involves ---Ice. 


Don't hold yourself back and give in to these scrumptious food.

  • Because of the sizzling summer, we tend to sweat a lot and I tell you, that is not a very good thing. When our body releases too much sweat we must replace the output by the drinking water to replenish ourselves. 

  • One common adjective that is mostly associated with summer is hot, hot, and hot. That is unavoidable because the world needs to keep its balance. You should look on bright side, and think about the possibilities that you CAN do in weather like this and CAN'T do if the situation were reversed. Then, you'll realize, it is not so bad to have a weather such as this. Anyways, you can always use a fan to keep yourself cool

    Or be still  and stay under the shade. relaxing and enjoying the view.

 But did you know what makes summer more memorable???

Spending summer all by your self is No No. It should be done together with those people who are close to your heart.

Your Friends

and Family


You didn't just beat the heat. You enjoyed it!!!

Have a BLAST this SUMMER!!! 

by: SummerKisses

Disclaimer: Photos credits to the owner(s)

P.S. This is another submission for the contest and since the results are now up. I -ehem- ehem. could post it up here! Enjoy!

March 11, 2014

From Me to You

I am one happy bookworm!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Kampai!!! Kampai!!! 

You may be wondering why I feel so ecstatic today. Well, it's because my article won! hehehe ^_^ I never expected it but boy was I surprised. Anyways, here's the article that I sent and for the record I used a different pen name on this one since we want to be "unrecognizable" as we submit an article. 

Read on:
People get so excited when the word "Valentines "is being mentioned. They all tend to get giddy and would day dream on how to spend the day with their other half. Since, Valentines is such a special day. It is one of those occasions, in which we put our thinking caps on and put our heads together as to how we can come up with a surprise and make the event a bit more special.
The question is how do we do that?
Remember, the measurement of one's love and appreciation is not measured on how grand the surprise is, but, it is the thought and the effort that makes the day worth while.
You don't need to dine in a five star hotel or give her a diamond ring just to be romantic. You can be romantic in a different way. Being simple and sincere is an ingredient in making your planned event successful and meaningful. Not to mention, along with a simple gift that comes from the heart.
What kind of  gifts can we give this Valentines?
There are so many things that you can give to the person you love. All of us have our own likes and gifts that we consider "romantic". Simply put, it depends upon each person's preference. Yet, among the preferences that we shared, there are a couple of things that we have in common which we want to receive. These are some of them.
1. Bouquet of flowers
Having a bouquet of flowers is every girl's dream. True, we have received one or two but not a bouquet. We received flowers for so many reasons. And one of those reasons is to express their love. Speaking of flowers, the most popular of its kind that is usually given on valentines day is the ---rose.
A rose's color is not only red but has a lot of varieties. In the language of flowers, each color has a meaning it represents.
red rose means love, beauty , romantic love and " I love you"
yellow rose signifies promise of new beginning, I care and “Remember Me”.
The white rose implies purity, innocence, happy love and "I'm worthy of you".
For the pink rose it means sweetness, admiration, and "Please believe me".
And as for the orange rose it entails desire and passion.
There are other kinds of flowers that has a different representation, the above mentioned are just some of them. It is up to you what kind of flower and color that best represent your feelings towards that someone.
2. Chocolates
Chocolates symbolizes deep love and passion.
Chocolates along with a bouquet of flowers are the most traditional gifts one has to offer. The two  gifts make a perfect combination. Because love is in the air, having too much " sweetness" is not an exemption. Chocolates are given for you to be delighted and happy. These sweets happen to be the sweetest food humans can indulge in and when we eat it, we savor each piece; making us simply euphoric.
3. A stuffed toy
Nowadays, showing one's love is being associated with stuffed toys and the most common of all these toys is a ---teddy bear.
When a person gives you a stuffed toy or a teddy bear per se. They simply want you to know that, though both of you may be apart he is still with you, in a form of a cute and cuddly teddy bear. Ain't it sweet?
4. Valentine Card
The beginning of it all. Expressing your love through means of a letter or a card with a sign "your valentine" began way back three or four centuries ago, when Saint Valentine gave his beloved Julia a love letter. Many years has passed and its essence is not lost until this day.
A person once quoted " Action speaks louder than words."
That is indeed true, but, there are times when we cannot properly express how we feel just by the means of body language. Thus, we express our feelings through the means of writing which is deemed romantic.
5.  Time
You only get to see each other not so often for  a lot of reasons: work, distance, place, conflicting schedules... you name it. Spending quality time with your special someone is one of the best gifts you can give. Having a quality time for her in this once in a year event is both special and memorable not just for her but for the both you.
The last but not the least....
6. YOU
 What would be the greatest gift one can have than you---yourself. Flowers, chocolates and huggable bears don't matter for your presence makes everything perfect. No matter how scarce the funds may be for a date or how cheesy you may sound as you profess your undying love, nothing else matters  because your existence alone makes everything seem unworthy and that having you by their side makes their valentines day complete.
by: frozenheart

March 10, 2014

Painting the town --RED

I know I have been a lazy blogger lately and I hadn't much time to blog about something. Fret not lads and lassies for this is not a reverie for I, Kim the Bookworm, have a new post to talk about. I have noticed that I haven't posted some of my outfit shots lately so I would grab this opportunity to blog about it --talking about opportunity, aye?

March 9, 2014

A Birthday Celebration

This post is a little overdue to some recent events and reasons. One of it is me being a lazy blogger. But, now I'm back!!! This blog of mine might be late but still I want to share it with you. So sit down and read along. ;)

Another year older...
Another year younger...
Another year fulfilled...
Another year with brand new experiences...

Last March 5, 2014 I had experience a simple and fun day on the date of my birth. I was planning to celebrate is quietly but it turns out not the way I was expecting it to be courtesy of labs. Anyways, that day turned out to be amazing!!!

I got to celebrate it with my team!!! (TEAM GAHI rocks!!) 

I receive presents that I am not expecting to receive. As to what I have received I think it would be okay if I mentioned it here. Though, I'm sad to say that I don't have a picture of any of them. Even so here is the list

1. A 24 color Faber Castel Color Pencils from my nephew and his mom and dad
- I was dying to buy one!!! I didn't know that I will get one.!!! I spaz dance when I opened the gift and found out what I had receive.

2. Curly Tops Chocolate from Ms. Ian
- I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolates. It took me 3 days before I decided to eat it and not to preserve it since my sister told me it would be a waste. And that food is meant to be eaten and not preserved. Which makes her happy and me well---happy too. :)

3. A Mocking Jay Pin from Mau Sarcon a.k.a Labs
- Can. you.!? I am SO Katniss Everdeen Now!!! Oh yeah! Break it down!! I squealed with all my might, jumped up and down and still not able to contain my emotions. :D All I need now is a bow and arrow

4. A Pink Bouquet of Roses and A Pair of Silver Earrings from my friend Mary
- Yep. I get to receive flowers. A. Pink. Bouquet. take note. It was really nice and cute. :3


5. A Pink Cute Teddy Bear Key Chain from Stephanie a.k.a Tifa-chan
- She gave it the next day since she was absent the on the previous days. Even so, what she gave me was really cute and has a nice scent on it. Since I demanded (you hear that?!!!) that she put some perfume on it. Tifa-chan was really sport about it. XD

Labs and I along with his boyfriend baka neko (Marco) and Mary went to Krispy Kreme. It was my little treat to them and since my birthday falls on Ash Wednesday I got the perfect excuse to - NOT- let them eat meat but just dough. :D

The crew and staff of the said restaurant in the above mentioned (#3) sang me a "Happy Birthday" song. The other customers were very cooperative as well. Making me feel utterly embarrassed and happy at the same time.

My mom cooked me a spaghetti! Yay! I love my mom's cooking and one of my favorite the way she cooks spaghetti. Yum- yum.

I definitely had a blast and very fun day. As a token of my appreciation I gave some of my friends a cute pink cupcake (my favorite color) that was baked by my second eldest sister Katty. I did this last year and I did it this year too. Ehehehe.

 Everyone I would like to say...


 For making my birthday a bit special.