March 9, 2014

A Birthday Celebration

This post is a little overdue to some recent events and reasons. One of it is me being a lazy blogger. But, now I'm back!!! This blog of mine might be late but still I want to share it with you. So sit down and read along. ;)

Another year older...
Another year younger...
Another year fulfilled...
Another year with brand new experiences...

Last March 5, 2014 I had experience a simple and fun day on the date of my birth. I was planning to celebrate is quietly but it turns out not the way I was expecting it to be courtesy of labs. Anyways, that day turned out to be amazing!!!

I got to celebrate it with my team!!! (TEAM GAHI rocks!!) 

I receive presents that I am not expecting to receive. As to what I have received I think it would be okay if I mentioned it here. Though, I'm sad to say that I don't have a picture of any of them. Even so here is the list

1. A 24 color Faber Castel Color Pencils from my nephew and his mom and dad
- I was dying to buy one!!! I didn't know that I will get one.!!! I spaz dance when I opened the gift and found out what I had receive.

2. Curly Tops Chocolate from Ms. Ian
- I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolates. It took me 3 days before I decided to eat it and not to preserve it since my sister told me it would be a waste. And that food is meant to be eaten and not preserved. Which makes her happy and me well---happy too. :)

3. A Mocking Jay Pin from Mau Sarcon a.k.a Labs
- Can. you.!? I am SO Katniss Everdeen Now!!! Oh yeah! Break it down!! I squealed with all my might, jumped up and down and still not able to contain my emotions. :D All I need now is a bow and arrow

4. A Pink Bouquet of Roses and A Pair of Silver Earrings from my friend Mary
- Yep. I get to receive flowers. A. Pink. Bouquet. take note. It was really nice and cute. :3


5. A Pink Cute Teddy Bear Key Chain from Stephanie a.k.a Tifa-chan
- She gave it the next day since she was absent the on the previous days. Even so, what she gave me was really cute and has a nice scent on it. Since I demanded (you hear that?!!!) that she put some perfume on it. Tifa-chan was really sport about it. XD

Labs and I along with his boyfriend baka neko (Marco) and Mary went to Krispy Kreme. It was my little treat to them and since my birthday falls on Ash Wednesday I got the perfect excuse to - NOT- let them eat meat but just dough. :D

The crew and staff of the said restaurant in the above mentioned (#3) sang me a "Happy Birthday" song. The other customers were very cooperative as well. Making me feel utterly embarrassed and happy at the same time.

My mom cooked me a spaghetti! Yay! I love my mom's cooking and one of my favorite the way she cooks spaghetti. Yum- yum.

I definitely had a blast and very fun day. As a token of my appreciation I gave some of my friends a cute pink cupcake (my favorite color) that was baked by my second eldest sister Katty. I did this last year and I did it this year too. Ehehehe.

 Everyone I would like to say...


 For making my birthday a bit special.


  1. Happy bday to my ex kimmy.. lol

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Ms. Ahmm..since when man ko nimu na x? Ehheheh

    3. haha.. ex member gud :p ikaw ha! hahahaha

    4. Aw. mao bah? :3 Ahahahah..I thought kung unsa na. HIhihi >///<

  2. :D our baby girl finally turned into a lady huhu

    1. Ehehehhe >///< I'm still me man ms. :) only the age is different po.