February 11, 2016

Training With The Best

A tap on the back for each and every one of us. Well done!!!

It was a really great opportunity for us to meet and be trained from the person whom we first heard about through the mouth of our colleagues then and now. Having this experience, shed us some light and wonder how amazing teaching can be.

February 10, 2016

Master's Sun

Love, love, love this show!!! 

It has been three years since this was aired and I still can't get over it, like really, can't get over it. You might be wondering what took me so long to blog about it but the thing is, it's because I can't seriously get over it! (See the repetition? Ahahaha) To think I don't watch any movie that has anything to do with horror regardless if its really scary or not. But, this? Don't get me started (shakes head) I can't even berate myself not to watch it because this drama is so so  good. (Two thumbs up!!)