February 11, 2016

Training With The Best

A tap on the back for each and every one of us. Well done!!!

It was a really great opportunity for us to meet and be trained from the person whom we first heard about through the mouth of our colleagues then and now. Having this experience, shed us some light and wonder how amazing teaching can be.

Last month, one important person came to our company to share his knowledge and skills in his chosen field. He was the man whom we have heard so much about from our colleagues then and now. To be given such an opportunity to participate in the "Teacher Development Course" is without a doubt an honor. An honor to be trained by Callan's one of the best---Mr. Gavin Best.

It was a fun, educational and enriching three day experience. In those three days, we get to learn a lot of things and I must say, they were all very helpful. From giving the proper delivery of questions down to the right way of interaction to your student. There were no dull moments and everything is fresh.

Not to mention, all of us got the chance to stand behind the podium and be the teacher while the others pretended to be the students making your job challenging and fun. In all it's fairness, it was truly great practice for us. It was a great practice for me. No pun.

Though, three days were indeed just a short span of time we were grateful. I was grateful and I'm proud to say I have learned something from it. ^_^

To be a part of something such as like this, I would like to express my thanks to my company QQE for the opportunity. *bow

Of course, whoever said that everything ends with a plain good-bye? Pfft... Nuh-uh not us! As serious as we were on our training, we goofed and laughed for the last day before we said our good-byes and heartfelt thanks to the Best.


Photos Taken By:
Pierre Angelie Sagrado