April 20, 2014

Miracle in Cell No. 7

It was a talk about Korean movie in 2013 that brought laughter and tears to the viewers. The story depicts the life of one man and his daughter. How everything changes when one was falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit. How even though beyond the bars of the prison cell, love is still the strongest bond that can bring the daughter and the father together.

In this movie, I assure you that you will need lots and lots of tissue, I know I did. As I was watching this movie I couldn't help myself but laugh as the situation demands. It was hilarious how Lee Yong-gu, the father, got along with his inmates in the most harshest cell in prison, cell no. 7. And when you thought that everything is just for laughs, you thought completely wrong. Soon, you will find yourself sniffing and tears slowly falling from your eyes as the story progresses. You will see how a father would do anything for his daughter and how the bond between them affects and changed the people around them.



Lee Yong- gu is an intellectually handicapped person with the mindset of a six year old. He lived together with his seven year old daughter Ye-sung who is smarter than her peers. The two of them lived a happy life until the commissioner's daughter was found dead and Yong-gu was the one who found her.Falsely accused the crime he didn't commit. Ye-sung was sent to childcare and Yong-gu was sent to the most harshest cell in the maximum security prison cell no.7.


Don't miss the chance to watch this. I tell you, Miracle in Cell No. 7 is worth it. 


  1. A certain person recommended me to watch this and I didn't have second thoughts. I couldn't stop crying watching this movie.

    1. That is so true ms. I couldn't stop from crying. T-T Even my mom and sister cried. A person who doesn't cry in this movie is made of stone. So heartbreaking and touching.

    2. I was the only one who watched at first and later on other members of my family joined me and none of us didn't cry. :( This story is too painful especially for parents.

    3. That is so true. I want to watch it again. I want to laugh and cry again.