May 16, 2016

A New Journey

Having jitters is by far an understatement when it comes to flying across the country 1,908 miles away from home. I guess, it all comes down to mentally preparing oneself many months ago, but, it doesn't change the fact that no matter how hard you try to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, it'll all comes down to you crying like a river especially when it is time for you to depart and say your temporary adieus  to your family. I know, I did and I missed them the instant they were gone from my sight. I still do.

Having cried my eyes out and fighting back tears that were threatening to fall down was a challenge. So, I distracted myself by making myself busy. When your flight is delayed for 4 hours, one has a lot of shenanigans under one's skin. Well, in our case its under our coats and if you're wondering what could it possibly be then it would be none other than taking a lot of selfies and pictures here and there.

It was a long journey. To sit in an aircraft for 3 hours and 45 minutes makes one's butt sore (I am not kidding) But I guess, every discomfort disappeared when you see beauty right outside the window and right before your very eyes.

Breathtaking isn't it? It made me appreciate all the things, be it big or small and be thankful that I was given the chance to witness them no matter how simple or grand they may be.

Did you hear that? No? then that's a relief. (whew) it's a given that you'll be entirely hungry after a long flight so, let us not forget one of the many basic human needs. Food. ;)

After a couple more minutes the pilot announced that we have arrived...and then touch down!!!

We just followed everyone where they're all heading since we don't know where to go and which is which. After arriving, who would have thought that we had to fall in line for another two hours before we can get out. So by this time, patience is a virtue and endurance is a test.

Anywho, it was worth it, with a little distractions here and there (did you notice? we had to do so much distractions to take our minds off it. :D ) we finally got out of the airport.The weather definitely gave us such cool welcome (I should have said warm but that was not the case). It's the beginning of spring here and I'm totally excited about it since I've longed to see cherry blossoms for a long long time. >o<

We got on two trains to reach our destination and it was fascinating for me since its my first time to see an actual train. Do forgive me, I'm still amazed by the world. The ride was awfully quiet, I think  it was just us who made a sound being in awe about almost everything.

And thus we have officially arrived in our destination. It was good to see such familiar face, good  to have my feet planted on ground and good to tell my family back at home that I have indeed safely arrived.

Til then dear readers.


This such a very very late post. So I must warn you, for the upcoming days or weeks, some posts are late, I think it would be like that until I could finally come to the present. if not, then, i'll will make it. :) such fighting spirit aye? ehehehe.


  1. Wow! Great post kimmy dear. Looking forward to seeing your sakura tree post and the osaka castle as well.

    1. Thank you very much sir. I am actually trying to put them all together. eheheh

  2. I miss you already, my love. :( Reading this post almost made me cry. I miss you so much. I love you, my Usagi-chan.

    1. I miss you labsuu. I miss bonding with you. Laughing to our hearts content and being silly too. Miss you once again Kero-chan. :(

  3. You always deserve the best of the best Miss Kimmy! I miss you :'( ❤❤❤❤