July 18, 2016

The Rose Garden

Hiyaaa!!! Everyone its Me!!!

Its been 2 months since i last updated my blog and to be practically honest there are so many things that I want to say and want to share to you, readers. But, I can't seem to put them into words (or it could also be I'm just practically lazy this past few months, take your pick. ehehe). Anywho, I did mention that I will be posting late, didn't I? :p

I have been enjoying the country and the area where I've lived in for these past few months. Exploring new places and enjoying the weather too (Brr...its cool!) Not to mention, Its my first time to experience the full changing of the seasons as well.

As for this post, it was spring time and if you're wondering where I went off to for this season? My answer would be too many to mention. ^_^ But for this post, I had been to a park. Yes, a park. Mind you, I haven't been to a public park where flowers freely  bloom everywhere. 


Nakanoshima Rose Garden--- A place where roses bloom literally everywhere. From various shapes, sizes, color and kinds bloom in this place. People came here just to see its beauty. Its practically majestic.  Its scent is everywhere. I don't know why but being around them made me feel like Alice in Wonderland for awhile ^-^.  At least, in here there is no queen who'll say "Off with her head!" ehehehe.

It wasn't just me though, Miss MM and I had a great time in this place. We even ended up taking selfies admiring the scenery and buying some cold soda and ice cream despite the chilly weather just to stay in this place a bit longer.

We stayed until it was dark, the lamps began to shone and the sky changes its color from once bright shades to the dim colors of the night. The ambiance of the place turns romantic and soon you'll see couples strolling in the path full of roses holding hands, whispering words of love and even dining in nearby restaurants surrounded by roses. Romantic isn't it? 

Posting these photos made me remember it all over again. ^_^ 

Though, the roses magnificence may only last for 3 months. The moments that it brought to us lasts a life time.

Until then.


  1. I have always been your great fan! Your blog post about this rose garden is so marvelous Miss Kimmy! I missed you much.... more posts pleaseeee. ❤❤❤

    1. I'm trying and to be perfectly honest, I was being lazy. Hence, I replied 1 year later. Sorry. It's a little hard to get some decent pictures really. I need proper equipment (a real camera is a must). I hope you continue to read my blog regardless of its owner being tad lazy.

      Thank you for the compliment Terina! :* I miss you too! I hope to hear more from you. Take care. xoxo