January 25, 2017

It's 2017 and We're Off To USJ!!

Happy New Year everyone! 

It's 2017!!! :D

How you've been?

It's a brand new year for all of us, yet, it feels like it isn't, isn't it?

I have been a total lazy bum the past year. Either that or I have no motivation whatsoever to put and express my journey here into words. But, that is about to change I guess. I will try my best to deliver and be a good blogger this year. No promises there ehehehe but I will try. Like I said. ;)

Any-who, winter has already begun and I'm shivering as I type this post. Brrr... My gosh... (in a sing song voice) the cold bothered me in some way.  Whew! for a girl from a tropical country, this season is by far the....Brrr....brrrr.... (did you get what I mean?) 

So dear readers of mine, I will officially start this year's post with my cold trip from Universal's Studio Japan! Yay!!! It's been ages since I last went there (no kidding!). This time however, we (Miss MM and I) were determined to stay until night fall.

We got to do many things: from joining the parade, dancing in the cold weather, a prompt photo shoot to  a spontaneous roller coaster ride!! No one can stop us from having fun and smiling all night through. That's right! not even the cold. ;)


But just in case, we're all geared up and ready to pose---err---have fun!!! :D

The roller coaster ride that me and miss MM spontaneously decided to ride on. Fufufu I'm proud to say, I made it :D. It was hilarious how I was shivering, not because I was nervous nor afraid, but, because of the cold breeze and the dropping of the temperature.

It's strange how all the rush and emotions came afterwards (Ahahaha...that's adrenaline rush for you! Miss MM once told me when I suddenly laughed out loud. :D) 

It was indeed a fun day and I'm going to burst your bubble and stop right here, cause--- where's the fun in that if I showed you everything right? :P

Till then folks! 

Stay tune! :)

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