February 8, 2017

Winter Eat Out!

Cold wind and the bustling of people walking to and fro from the train station is the usual sight in the city of Osaka. People covered with warm coats and scarves walk hurriedly to their destinations. While others, stood in one corner waiting.

That's what we did. 

MM and I were waiting patiently for our friends to arrive and for us to meet up, chat and eat out since it has been such a long time since we last saw each other.  I thought it was only Hide who's going to come, however, I was in for a surprise when another friend of ours, Yukie, came as well. Yay! :D Seems like I wasn't paying attention at all when MM told me about the news. (teheh! >.<) But anyways, I was happy. Now our mission is about to start!!! 

And that's to look for a resto which serves some decent food (not that I'm saying, they don't serve us one cause they do) what I meant was food which involves--rice. Oh yes! you heard that right. Somehow it became a source of both humor and awe to most of our friends every time they heard us say "We want to eat rice". :'D (Don't give me that look. Its basic energy source people come on!)

So yeah, it's not a matter of moot point in here (No arguments). Anyways, after their arrival we immediately looked for some decent resto which was utterly quick and with a good ambiance too. We did have to wait though for 20 minutes, which passed by so quickly, if all you ever do is laugh and talk and laugh again. ^_^ 

Moments of waiting were long over. We got settled, ordered our food and then, guess what? another round of waiting for our food to be served, and when we did. Boy! did we have tons of laughter, endless chatter, and not to mention---fun, fun, fun.

Kichiri--I must say your food is delish!

It's always better to serve the appetizers first.

Tacos with guacamole

Chicken appetizer with pineapple soda something wine. ^_^'

Their camera instincts were on point . How multi talented can they be? :D

This food is delicious! 

Shark fin soup with rice

Cheesy pizza

Of course, meat!!!

I had a lot of fun you guys. Thank you very much for taking the time to come see us. Hide, good luck to your new venture in Tokyo (gambatte!) and to Yukie, hopefully to see more of you. :)

See you again!

This is yours truly now signing off! ;)

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