March 21, 2017

City of White---Hokkaido Part 1

"A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky---unbidden---and seems like a thing of wonder."

- Susan Orlean - 

Sapporo, Hokkaido---A place in the northern part of Japan where almost everywhere is covered with a soft, fluffy white tiny cotton. Only it is not, instead---its snow. 

Well,that is too be expected since its the middle of winter and the temperature dropped to -2 (yet it felt like it was a -4. Brrr---.) For a three day trip, it was worth it. Especially for me, since believe it or not its actually my first time to travel domestically. ;)

Having my first hand experience of the famous winter season, I wasn't entirely sure on what to bring. Like how many articles of clothing must I need for me to keep warm? How many gloves should I wear? Or the thought of freezing to the point of having a frost bite. (trust me--that thought crossed my mind like a million times) and when it was time for us to go, I braced myself for the worst. But, thankfully, it wasn't that bad. quiet the opposite really. :D I get to experience walking in the middle of the night to the place where we will be staying with no human sighting nor noise. Except, our endless chatter and ehem--my guffaw. (to my utter amazement it echoed! yikes!! I had to tune it down.) ;D

We stayed in this cozy air bnb house, which reminds me of an old house in the province. It's very homey and spacious too. (Shout out to Taka! Thank you very much for the warm welcome and  for accommodating us.) I like the part where the house is surrounded with lots and lots of snow. I like to hear the crunchy sounds beneath my boots when I walk around the house and as I try to run around with no success. (P.S That's Miss MM by the way on the above pic ;D)

Technically, speaking our main agenda is to attend a festival which lasted for a week and lucky for us we will get to witness this festival before everything gets taken down. But, before we go to our destination we ought first to have some photo session here and there--like we always do...

A brief stop at Taka's home town, which a famous restaurant that served the delicious Genghis Khan is located. Since it's lunch time, might as well try the food and trust me when I say this, this food is utterly delicious! So dear travelers, backpackers and future wanderers if ever you do come to Japan , do visit Hokkaido and I recommend you to try it.  Two thumbs for this one!

After our stomachs are full its about time to head to the capital city---Sapporo. But, that is for another post ;) Now don't you grumble at me my dear readers where is your sense of adventure? and let's not forget excitement?

Don't worry, I will surely try (notice that this word has by far my most frequent used word) to update as I can. I hereby bid you adieu for the mean time. So stay tuned. ;)