September 18, 2013

B.T.S. Part 1

"Better late than never"


Is what they say.

Then again, it's what I say. Hahaha.


This shoot was done last month and I haven't got the chance to flaunt it in here (That's right, flaunt is the term people. :P). This Mau's first ever photo shoot as a photographer.  As her best friend, I intend to support her of her latest passion and her being my best friend, didn't stop her either from dragging me along as her err--model?

A quick reminder though these photos are just "Behind the Scenes" since Labs is not yet finished editing all the pictures which she entitles " Two of Us" by the way

Moreover, these are the photos behind the--ehem---I quote and unquote  Couple-ish pictorial according to her.

Let us venture forth, as we take the path towards the Behind the Scenes of Mau's...

"Two of Us"

> The arrival of the members ---err---cast-- or whichever you prefer<

>The preparation.It's so hard to control one's laughter. Luckily I manage not to laugh in here and act normal-ish. Hihihi<

> Marjorie is doing the make-up. The photographer, "Mau", is reflected on the mirror. She's doing the BTS too. Isn't she a multi-tasker?<

> The guys moment of waiting. Girls take a LOT longer to prepare so mind waiting until the second coming??<


After waiting until the second coming (joke). We are now ready to do our first ever pictorial (gulps). But lets not talk about that.

As I have said earlier this isn't about me (whew. I'm saved)

It's about the person who made this shoot possible.

The photographer.



Models aren't the only ones capable of doing poses in front of the camera.


Photographers too but, they did it behind the camera.

Very true.

That didn't stop me from taking those photos though.Hehe

Yep, I am that good.


Speaking of which...

Here are some incredible poses that made me laugh so hard (other than of course, her Oh-so-refined-words)  Check them out.

> The cat woman pose<

> Doing the close up shot she goes...KYAAA and tickled pink all over (seriously???)  before...<

> She (finally) took her shots.<

> Picture this, If you're the model and you hear her said words that are quite---fascinating. Trust me, you'll definitely laugh so hard that you'll drop the "be professional" words she keeps throwing at you from time to time. :D<

> Mau: "Look at her!! She's drinking it!! That's just props!! Props!!
Me: Weehhh... This is tasty!!! Ahahah<


After taking a couple of shots here and there,  we changed locations. Deciding the place was the hardest part since there are so many places that they want to go to.

Thankfully, they finally decided as to where we are going next.


The second location?

It's at Fort San Pedro and mind you, there are poses in here that you might find rather...amusing.

Don't believe me??

See below.

> That AZZ dearie♥<

>Ohh... another one<

> Now, bend forward..That's it<

> Lean to the left...good-good<

> Now, do the tip-toe.<



It was a hilariously-tiring shoot.  But was it worth it?


Yep, definitely worth it.


These are just some of the Behind the scenes  pictures that I managed to copy and if you want to see more check out her blog

As to who is the person responsible for this?

The Newbie Photographer

♥Mau Sarcon♥


You rock woman!!!

Till then.

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm

The Beginning of B.T.S.

"Behind every memorable picture lies a person who captures every moment of it"


This will be my tribute to every person who will capture the moments that are unforgettable, memorable and will last til immemorial.

There are certain times where we want to treasure the moments that are already buried in hearts into a different form and the most common is through Photographs.

Because of photographs, millions of quotes and expression were formed. Quotes that rings truth in every word.

" A picture paints a thousand words."

- True. For there are some instances that truth lies on what we see and not on what we hear.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

- By taking photographs we captured every joyous moment and not letting a second passes by.


This will be the beginning of a chapter behind every great, funny, loving, amazing photo.

A chapter who's the main character is not the model themselves nor the  successful pictorial but the person behind it.

"The Photographer"

As a new page turns over, another moment is captured.

Let us witness as how these amazing people manage to work hard and love their passion behind the lense.








It begins NOW.


Yours truly,

The Book Worm

September 17, 2013

Schaun's 1st Birthday

Last August 29, 2013 we celebrated the first birthday of my beloved nephew Shaun Eadric. It was a funny costume party. Every little kid was wearing their costumes by heart. Shaun " GuGu" as I call him was wearing a cowboy costume.

Shing- Shing!!

♥Woody Costume from the Toy Story movie♥

The said event was held at Hannah’s Party Place located at D. Jakosalem (right across Sacred Heart Church).  For more information call  4125010.


Since the party starts at six o'clock Mau and I took a little detour at McDonalds, one of our past time places to go, before going to the venue.  Hehe.

Oh, before I forgot to mention, Labs was invited to the party as a guest too! before she became the err-- the photographer of the event. How did that happened you say? Well...I sort of told my sisters beforehand that we were going to have a pictorial and that Mau will be the photographer. Having said those words, my sisters (Oh, dear!) jumped the gun and asked me if she owns a DSLR (of course she does. It's a canon by the way.^_^) Well, I figured you know what happens to the rest.

Anyways, as we arrived at the venue, the place was almost empty considering the party starts at six (Filipino time mind you) We took that opportunity to take pictures of the place. Lots of them!!!



♥The stage♥


♥The cake♥


♥The giveaways♥


♥Games & Prizes♥


♥The seats♥


Don't let's not forget the most important part. FOOD!

♥ Catering Services♥


♥My sister's homemade cupcakes♥


Yum- Yum!


It was both tiring and fun and since it was a costume party lets not forget to see some of the costumes. Aye?


> Captain America<


> The Racer<




>A cute lady Bug<


Aren't they cute? There are so many cute costumes during the party. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to took all of their pictures (I can't be at two places at once you know?) At least, I got some of these right? (I'm justifying my actions. tsk. tsk)


And for the birthday boy! Gugu...HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!

♥Shaun Eadric L. Laresma (Birthday Boy) with his parents♥


I shan't end this post without a picture of  me and the photographer. Cheese!


Yours Truly,

The Book Worm

September 9, 2013

My Very Own

On my previous post entitled "I want YOU" I said that I own one of those cute cuddly things.

I was actually having an internal conversation with me, myself and I before I decided to to publish this.  Here's how my internal conversation goes.

Me: I should blog about you (Me holding  my cute and cuddly toy) 

My Mind: "Why don't you show a picture as a proof?"

Me: " Yeah, you're right! Why not?"

My Mind: "Do you have a picture?"

Me: " Hmm... I don't actually remember.."

My Mind: " Then think hard"

Me: " Uh..isn't that supposed to be your job?"

My Mind: "Ohh..right."

Warning: Having an internal battle is not a good idea and if you happen to do it. Be catious. Haha.

And now here we are.  Ready to show you my cute and cuddly toy.

A little background first, He (yes, he has a gender. Zip it) was given to me last year as a Christmas gift which shocked and touched me to be honest. He was wrapped in a Beelzebub wrapper (Did I mention that I like animes?) I was really curious by that time and didn't opened it until I got home.

And what did I found out when I opened it?

My very own MOKONA

> Flaunting it. AWW! ♥<

I even brought it with me at my work place :)

This puffball is surely huggable and kawaii >///<

I can't get enough of it yet.


Here's more:

> I ♥ Mokona<

Mokona - Mokona Dayo!!!

THAT is indeed quite obvious.

If ever that I manage to collect those cute stuff toys. You can surely count on me to post it here. UNLESS, I go on a long hiatus. Haha.

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm

September 4, 2013

4th Anniversary

This is the only time that I get to post the pictures that had happen last August 11, 2013. It was the day that the company was established and it's now on its fourth year.

I wasn't able to attend last year's anniversary for some reasons, BUT, for this year I came prepared.

The theme is about FIESTA!

The said event was held at Family Park  located at Talamban. Since the company is expanding and there are so many of us the place was indeed fit. For the preparations, all of us joined hand in hand. We did many things.

1. We trace a big triangular shapes for the banderitas.

2. We cut the traces.

3. We stapled it into the yarn or was it straw?

(Now, imagine doing those things over and over again since we have five or was it seven different colored flags) 

NOW for the groupings, we were divided into teams. Done by drawing lots that will assigned us what team we're in.

And did you know how easy to find your team is despite the growing population?

Yep, it is none other than...


Let's take a peek into the event, shall we?

First stop, the parade of colors.

>With Dora and Yvanne<

> Ms. Elda (yellow) and Dora (red)<

> Ms. Tin (ocean blue shirt)<

>Ms. Margarette (lavender) and Ms. Steph (purple)<

There are TONS of colors and sad to say I didn't manage to get all of them (Do forgive me)___

Second, the good thing about having this kind of event once in a while is that you get to meet your friends as well (especially if they are in a different shift or team)

♥with Pinky-puh! ♥

♥OT mate McQueen♥

♥Ms. Sharpay♥

♥the other LABS en-en♥


Third, you get to meet new PEOPLE from your team

> Team Powder Blue<


Fourth, you get to have fun. Teachers, staffs and even the students joined the fun as well.

> Sack race! Go Ms. Aira!<

> Finding a coin in a basin full of flour with Ms. Hershey<

> Students too have their share of fun!<


Fifth, lets not forget about the band.

> The band with David (vocalist)<

> Ms. Nice (Go TL!)<


Sixth, my team mates and supervisor

> Ms. Mia (our pretty supervisor)<

>Ms. Lee<

>Ms. Jonah<

> Ms. Aj<

> Ms. Mayu<

> Sir Lorex (the new on/off TL congrats!)<


There are so many pictures that I want to share with you guys but since I have limited time, I decided that it would be for the other site for you to see.

I had lots of fun!

My stomach was full because of the scrumptious food. Hehe.

And I get to spend some time with my friends.


 Yours Truly,

The Book Worm