September 18, 2013

B.T.S. Part 1

"Better late than never"


Is what they say.

Then again, it's what I say. Hahaha.


This shoot was done last month and I haven't got the chance to flaunt it in here (That's right, flaunt is the term people. :P). This Mau's first ever photo shoot as a photographer.  As her best friend, I intend to support her of her latest passion and her being my best friend, didn't stop her either from dragging me along as her err--model?

A quick reminder though these photos are just "Behind the Scenes" since Labs is not yet finished editing all the pictures which she entitles " Two of Us" by the way

Moreover, these are the photos behind the--ehem---I quote and unquote  Couple-ish pictorial according to her.

Let us venture forth, as we take the path towards the Behind the Scenes of Mau's...

"Two of Us"

> The arrival of the members ---err---cast-- or whichever you prefer<

>The preparation.It's so hard to control one's laughter. Luckily I manage not to laugh in here and act normal-ish. Hihihi<

> Marjorie is doing the make-up. The photographer, "Mau", is reflected on the mirror. She's doing the BTS too. Isn't she a multi-tasker?<

> The guys moment of waiting. Girls take a LOT longer to prepare so mind waiting until the second coming??<


After waiting until the second coming (joke). We are now ready to do our first ever pictorial (gulps). But lets not talk about that.

As I have said earlier this isn't about me (whew. I'm saved)

It's about the person who made this shoot possible.

The photographer.



Models aren't the only ones capable of doing poses in front of the camera.


Photographers too but, they did it behind the camera.

Very true.

That didn't stop me from taking those photos though.Hehe

Yep, I am that good.


Speaking of which...

Here are some incredible poses that made me laugh so hard (other than of course, her Oh-so-refined-words)  Check them out.

> The cat woman pose<

> Doing the close up shot she goes...KYAAA and tickled pink all over (seriously???)  before...<

> She (finally) took her shots.<

> Picture this, If you're the model and you hear her said words that are quite---fascinating. Trust me, you'll definitely laugh so hard that you'll drop the "be professional" words she keeps throwing at you from time to time. :D<

> Mau: "Look at her!! She's drinking it!! That's just props!! Props!!
Me: Weehhh... This is tasty!!! Ahahah<


After taking a couple of shots here and there,  we changed locations. Deciding the place was the hardest part since there are so many places that they want to go to.

Thankfully, they finally decided as to where we are going next.


The second location?

It's at Fort San Pedro and mind you, there are poses in here that you might find rather...amusing.

Don't believe me??

See below.

> That AZZ dearie♥<

>Ohh... another one<

> Now, bend forward..That's it<

> Lean to the left...good-good<

> Now, do the tip-toe.<



It was a hilariously-tiring shoot.  But was it worth it?


Yep, definitely worth it.


These are just some of the Behind the scenes  pictures that I managed to copy and if you want to see more check out her blog

As to who is the person responsible for this?

The Newbie Photographer

♥Mau Sarcon♥


You rock woman!!!

Till then.

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm


  1. Hoping to have more shoots in the future with you. And this time, portrait shots. :) Show that sexy bootylicious of yours.

  2. *gulps...

    Please take care of me in the future as well.

    looking forward to it then. I hope that in some way I manage to help you in your new passion. Gambate ne..^_^

    And for the record, Mo! I don't have a sexy bootylicious. -_-

  3. You have an absolutely sexy "imal" bodeh. And we must share it to the world. * ogles at you*

  4. I don't have one. You're just saying that cause your my best friend O.o And stop ogling me. Between the two of us I'm the weird one (Thank you very much) so don't be weird cause us being weird doesn't make any sense at all. So me stay weird. You, not be weird. Okay. ^_^ Eheheh.

  5. I am not ogling. I'm only fantasizing. They are two different words. :D Anyway, till next shoot.

  6. how i wish i can be a model too of your creation Ms. Mau... ( daydream)
    just kidding....but i highly ador your works.
    Can you be my official photographer?
    cos me n my husband were planning to have a church wedding next year.
    Hoping it well!! god's grace.

  7. That can be arranged Ms. ehehehe..labs is good once she puts her mind into it. ♥

  8. Indeed. They are right? Ahahahaha.

    Till next shoot. ♥