September 2, 2013

The Plushie Project

Let's begin this blog with two questions.

1. What is a plushie?

To all those people who are filled with curiosity as to what it is. Here are some of the answers.

According to Web Definitions:

- A plushie is a type of doll made from fabric and filled with any kind of soft stuffing, often a personal mascot in the furry community.


- A plushie is a stuffed toy animal. The most common and most popular type is the teddy bear, however, plushies come is all shapes and sizes

Okay, since we have now established that, let's move on to the second question.


2. What do we call the person who makes plushies?

The answer came from

- They are called plushophile.

It may sound a bit harsh but the meaning differs. A plushophile  is a person who loves plushies. This can range from simply being a collector, to those who like to cuddle and sleep with their plush, and every shade between. (See? it doesn't seem so bad.)

 Welcome everyone to the Plushie Project!

This project is solely for making plushies alone and none other. I, The Book Worm, had recently found out that I can make plushies! (>.<) Do forgive me for the outcome of my plushies for I am just a novice in this field. But, your support and guidance is highly appreciated and welcome.

This cute hand made things are my stress reliever and hobby at the same time. Don't be shocked if I have various hobbies cause I've got tons on them and my other hobbies are yet to be found and revealed.

I have since long decided that someday I will be able to post some of my works in a site and for other people to see. I made a lot of thinking (even going to my thinking spot to think. think.think) and then just as impulsive as I can be (sometimes) I thought:

"What better way to let others see that post it here and then to the other site that you think dim fit?" 

and that's where all began.


Here are some of my beloved "Plushies"

Note:Just so you know some of my plushies have a name. ;)

>Cute Onigiri<

- This is my first plushie ever. Onigiri meaning rice balls.


- I gave this one to my colleagues. The green one to Ms. Aj and the blue one to Ms. Jonah<


- Usagi means rabbit in Japanese.


- Some of my plushies have Japanese names Kuro for black and neko for cat. In short Black cat.

> The love<

- Got that name from the last card Sakura have.

> The indifferent onigiri?<

- Since I have a big onigiri, why not make a small one?


- Aside from rabbits and among other things. pigs too.

>MonoKuro Boo<

- This one is intended for twin (Johalla) but unfortunately we haven't got in touched yet.

> Mike Wazowski<

- From the cartoon Monsters Inc.___

 The above pictures are all hand made cellphone chains :) I made them all without patterns by the way, except for the big  cute onigiri. The rest were just figment of my imagination.

Sometimes, I make plushies for my friends and sometimes its hard for me to let go of them ( I treated them like my babies you know) But it makes me happy that I made someone smile just by having these hand-made plushies of mine.

Until the next project

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm 


  1. Hahahahahahaha. WHY ISN'T THERE A FROG PLUSHIEEE!? I demand one noooow!

  2. There was one EXCEPT that a certain SOMEONE has it NOW!...Ahahaha

    ill make one again. hehehe

  3. Yaaaaaay. I definitely can't wait.

  4. SWEETIE!!!!! They are sssoooooooooooooooooo cute and adorably good! I like them a lot! can I have one then?? hehehehehe :D pwede mag-demand?? (chuckle) and.........................................could you please teach me how to do them?? :*

    lav yah

  5. Make me one!!! VERY CUTE and ADORABLE!! You should make a small business for Plushies and other cute stuffs soon. <3 Love you work!!

  6. Sunaaaaa!!! Thank you very much. Ahaha...yours will be a secret. It will take long though. :3

  7. can have one..ahahha.. as my birthday gift sweetie BUT it will be given sorry...

  8. Ill make one..soon...when Im not lazy anymore. Heheheh :D

  9. SMILE................... check!!
    location.................. perfect!!
    LOVE......................definitely, indeed, great,awesome YES!! and etc.
    feelings.....................amazed and speechless (LOL)
    go,go,go , MS . kimmy!!....
    well,well did i forget something?...yes!!... i wanna say CAMSAHAMIDA
    ( korean word for THANK YOU ).

  10. Ahhh...that's so sweet Ms. Sharpay. Thank you. ^_^

    Aja! Aja! fighting I can do this..eheheh

  11. I also want one kimmy

  12. I have tons of pending plushies Ms. Hopefully I'll get my mood back and start making it. ♥