September 9, 2013

My Very Own

On my previous post entitled "I want YOU" I said that I own one of those cute cuddly things.

I was actually having an internal conversation with me, myself and I before I decided to to publish this.  Here's how my internal conversation goes.

Me: I should blog about you (Me holding  my cute and cuddly toy) 

My Mind: "Why don't you show a picture as a proof?"

Me: " Yeah, you're right! Why not?"

My Mind: "Do you have a picture?"

Me: " Hmm... I don't actually remember.."

My Mind: " Then think hard"

Me: " Uh..isn't that supposed to be your job?"

My Mind: "Ohh..right."

Warning: Having an internal battle is not a good idea and if you happen to do it. Be catious. Haha.

And now here we are.  Ready to show you my cute and cuddly toy.

A little background first, He (yes, he has a gender. Zip it) was given to me last year as a Christmas gift which shocked and touched me to be honest. He was wrapped in a Beelzebub wrapper (Did I mention that I like animes?) I was really curious by that time and didn't opened it until I got home.

And what did I found out when I opened it?

My very own MOKONA

> Flaunting it. AWW! ♥<

I even brought it with me at my work place :)

This puffball is surely huggable and kawaii >///<

I can't get enough of it yet.


Here's more:

> I ♥ Mokona<

Mokona - Mokona Dayo!!!

THAT is indeed quite obvious.

If ever that I manage to collect those cute stuff toys. You can surely count on me to post it here. UNLESS, I go on a long hiatus. Haha.

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm


  1. Ayeeeeeeeee. You are so lucky that you are given a mokona pagChristmas. Only frogs make me happy. Hahahaha. ♥

  2. Halah. Mokona Mokona dayo! ♥ >..< Ahahah.. I like kero too.! :p

  3. Hahaha. :D At least NAA nihatag ug MOKONA full of love. ♥

  4. Seriously??? Ahahahha...friends man gud mi ikaw jud sa

  5. waaahhh.. LOL for this one. No worries kim, you aren't alone struggling with mind conversation battle with oneself...hahahaha

  6. And as you're reading this now, YOU HAVE FEELINGS. Hahaha.

    I tricked you.

  7. I have feelings woman Im human you know. Were Friends. Your hallucinating. Again. Did you happen to take your meds? Ehehhe

  8. On the same boat??? Ahahah... nice. Lets keep this up. Internal battle with our ownselves..Ahahaha...lets see if were still sane after this. Ahahah