September 4, 2013

4th Anniversary

This is the only time that I get to post the pictures that had happen last August 11, 2013. It was the day that the company was established and it's now on its fourth year.

I wasn't able to attend last year's anniversary for some reasons, BUT, for this year I came prepared.

The theme is about FIESTA!

The said event was held at Family Park  located at Talamban. Since the company is expanding and there are so many of us the place was indeed fit. For the preparations, all of us joined hand in hand. We did many things.

1. We trace a big triangular shapes for the banderitas.

2. We cut the traces.

3. We stapled it into the yarn or was it straw?

(Now, imagine doing those things over and over again since we have five or was it seven different colored flags) 

NOW for the groupings, we were divided into teams. Done by drawing lots that will assigned us what team we're in.

And did you know how easy to find your team is despite the growing population?

Yep, it is none other than...


Let's take a peek into the event, shall we?

First stop, the parade of colors.

>With Dora and Yvanne<

> Ms. Elda (yellow) and Dora (red)<

> Ms. Tin (ocean blue shirt)<

>Ms. Margarette (lavender) and Ms. Steph (purple)<

There are TONS of colors and sad to say I didn't manage to get all of them (Do forgive me)___

Second, the good thing about having this kind of event once in a while is that you get to meet your friends as well (especially if they are in a different shift or team)

♥with Pinky-puh! ♥

♥OT mate McQueen♥

♥Ms. Sharpay♥

♥the other LABS en-en♥


Third, you get to meet new PEOPLE from your team

> Team Powder Blue<


Fourth, you get to have fun. Teachers, staffs and even the students joined the fun as well.

> Sack race! Go Ms. Aira!<

> Finding a coin in a basin full of flour with Ms. Hershey<

> Students too have their share of fun!<


Fifth, lets not forget about the band.

> The band with David (vocalist)<

> Ms. Nice (Go TL!)<


Sixth, my team mates and supervisor

> Ms. Mia (our pretty supervisor)<

>Ms. Lee<

>Ms. Jonah<

> Ms. Aj<

> Ms. Mayu<

> Sir Lorex (the new on/off TL congrats!)<


There are so many pictures that I want to share with you guys but since I have limited time, I decided that it would be for the other site for you to see.

I had lots of fun!

My stomach was full because of the scrumptious food. Hehe.

And I get to spend some time with my friends.


 Yours Truly,

The Book Worm 


  1. thank you for being a part of this page...
    i am so happy...mwaahhhh♥

  2. Your very welcome Ms. I am also happy to be part of it.