September 2, 2013


Yes, I titled this post "Finally" because I finally have what I've been waiting for.


I have been meaning to have this for such a long time and finally (I can't get over that word. Not just yet.) It is now within my reach.

Bwahahaha (I'm evil in a good way)

Anyways, you must be wondering what I'm talking about huh?

Well....I'm talking about a book! It's not actually just "a book" but  "THE book"

Ever since I  read about it a year ago it caught my interest and I mean seriously caught my interest.  The cover, the plot and the story itself,  who can blame me? I'm a bookworm! (pun intended)

Anyhoo, I won't give you so much of a thrill cause I'm not that mean ( Well, I am--a bit. hehe) If you know what I mean. ;)

And here's my beloved book that I waited for so long...

> Does not the cover intrigues you?<


The Book Worm here, will leave my comments about the book later on.

I'll let your minds wander as to what or who that person on the cover is.

(I bet you're going to search it in google now) 

Yours Truly,
The Book Worm 

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