May 21, 2014

Kissed by an Angel

" Can love go beyond after death?"


Ivy Lyons is a pretty girl who is afraid of water and who collects and believes in angels. She, her brother and her mother moved in when her mother got remarried to a rich man.

Tristan Carruthers is the best swimmer in his school. All the girls are after him but he has eyes only for Ivy when she transferred to his school.

Things are not easy between the two. Tristan, who will do anything to get Ivy's attention, even pulling some stunts that his not used to just she could notice him. Ivy on the other hand has her eyes on him. Things get better when Tristan and her brother, Philip got to hang out during her mother's wedding. They became friends. Tristan helped Ivy to get her fear out of water and  even adopted her cat Ella. As their friendship goes deeper so as their feelings.

Their love was cut short when an accident happens. Tristan left Ivy and Ivy was not the same as before. She doesn't believe in angels anymore. Tristan becomes her guardian angel and learns that his death wasn't an accident. Now, his killer is after her and he must rescue her.

What will happen to Tristan?
Will Ivy's faith in angels be restored?
Will Tristan lose Ivy twice now that he finds a way to reach her?
or will the killer succeed with his plans?



"When you love someone, it's never over. You move on, because you have to but you take them with you in your heart."


  1. wooow this is a nice story.. reading it makes me want to know what will happen to Ivy..

    1. I have book ms. Its a nice story po. You should try it. :D

    2. But I dislike reading :( A movie would do ^__^

    3. Ehehehe. I've figured as much. Sad to say there's no movie about it. :(