May 6, 2014

Black 'n White

I have noticed that I tend to blog pictures that are way too late. Do forgive me again I'm just a mere human (a cute one on that. Violent reactions are very much welcome! kekeke).  As you can see, this is an  impromptu shoot, notice the lack of preparation? (It's not like I have prepared in all my shoots either. Ahahaha).  This was done more like as an icing on the cake (the cake being labs outfit shoot, see here: ) I got to admit labs did a great job on the editing department  (bows down). I still can't figure how to do it though. No coordination again. *Sighs

I must tell you first, this is not an outfit shot, again, an outfit shot just a random one that happens when you're with friends and some randomness suddenly happens.

I added some captions in the pictures, see if it fits. ;)

" In the shades of black and white,"

" Life isn't just about sadness and loneliness."

" It's about having the courage to face it and having faith that everything will be just fine" 

" So smile...and everything will be alright."

Until next randomness!

Photos taken by:

Mau Sarcon


  1. Replies
    1. PINAsmile..what you can't convey in words show it in your smile. ;)

  2. Iendorce akong photography Labs. Haha. Photographer, photographer mo dira! Hahaha

    1. Mura ra ko naninda?

      sama ra na sa Tubig, tubig mo diha!!!

    2. Sige na ba! Iendorse ba! hahaha

    3. Yesh. I'll have to make a post about it. Would that be fine? :)