May 21, 2014

Team Gahi's Oslob and Alcoy Escapade :2

Like I've promised, we now go to our second destination and that is in Tinco, Alcoy. We're supposed to go to Tumalog falls on the way back but unfortunately we have limited time so maybe next time? Anyways, back to where I left off. After our "just keep swimming" with the fishes we headed straight into the car and made a little segway along the way. 

~It's more fun in the Philippines!~

~Ride on everyone...Oh wait! picture picture!~

The drive back was more easy and short compared to the drive to Oslob. My team mates have noticed that during our drive to Oslob I have fallen asleep and now, going to Alcoy it seems as if I have fallen asleep as well. Teheh!

We arrived at two, the place was packed since its summer and everyone wants to get away from the heat just for a short while. We had a hard time looking for an available spot to settle down. It took us a little while and when your patient enough surely you'll be rewarded and we were---rewarded. *claps claps. We found two available tables under the shade of the coconut tree. It was accessible from the place where we need to cook, the bathroom, and not mention the videoke err--bar?? (is it considered as one?)

Tired and definitely famished from the previous activity. We immediately spring into action. Some of us prepared the table while the others are preparing the fire. Along with Ms. Lee, Ms. Renz and Ms. Wella, I settle myself on making some barbecue  since ehem--I can't cook and I might end up making the edible no longer edible. (I apologize for my lack of culinary skills)

Hands down to Ms. Aj for being the woman in the beach with the help of Ms. Jonah, Ms. Ian and to our three other companions who were a big help.


After more or less 30 minutes, the rumbling of our stomachs had finally ceased as we gather around to dig in and eat one hearty meal. *yum yum

~Bon appetit!~

Now, what do you do if your full and nothing else to do? Answer: You dive into the sea to burn those, fats, calories and make yourself go hungry---again. Ahahahaha By this time, we just enjoyed the moment by chilling down and taking things slow. Ms. Aj, Ms. Jonah and Ms. Wella decided to tour the area while the rest of us prefer to stay behind and err--eat. :P

~Row row row your boat gently down the sea...~

Here are some of the sights (that was captured by Ms. Jonah) one might see while on the sea:

~ I like how sparkling the sea is~

Now, now, who said that all the fun and laughter disappeared after we left Oslob? tsk tsk tsk you're most definitely mistaken. Our guffaw can catch anyone within a two mile radius? eheheh courtesy again of Ms. Wella. It seems she has a lot of tricks under her sleeves which didn't fail to amuse all of us.

~The wonders of the floater right Ms. Wella?~

 ~ I told you she'll be in every picture >.<~

Wacky poses are not just one of our thing. We can be serious too with a little bit of cuteness to the side. No reaction! We all did it. 



Okay, okay, I'll admit most of us were pretty much busy taking a lot of pictures here and there. Like the above trio picture, here are some of those sexiness and cuteness all in one. 

Omo, Omo what is the meaning of this?!?!? Wait for us!!! you must not forget about us too!!

~Oh la la la..Asia's Next Top Models~

I didn't miss this opportunity to have some poses here and there of course. I also join the picture taking to commemorate this experience. So lights, camera, action!!!

~pardon the randomness...*bows~

I had a lot of fun being with my team mates. We goofed and play around a lot. We had lots of laughter and stories to share when we had this team building. Hooray to all of us for a job well done! Let's do our best to win, if you know what I mean, so we can have another team building. I heard a cute little bird saying something about venturing the North. Shall we do Zip lining next time? (I shall be prepared to conquer my fear of heights. *gulps) 

When Neil Armstrong went to the moon he left mark on it. When Albert Einstein made relativity he left an equation. As for us, we shall do the same but in a simple yet memorable way. Ever heard of footprints in the sand? We shall do that BUT in a different way I call it "Message in the Sand".

~From the Hardcore Callan Team (AM Shift)~

In cubicle seating order (is there such thing O.o)

~Ms. Lee~

~ Ms. Aj~

~Ms. Wella~


 ~Your's truly~

~Ms. Ian~

And the last but not the least, our ever hardworking and beloved team leader


 The day maybe tiring and most of us got a tan. It didn't cover the bliss that we felt as we spent a day away from worries and work. This day mark as another way to build and strengthen our team. May our differences be another way of deepening our bonds and strengthen the friendship. We'll forever be Team Gahi. 

~Let's Volt In!!!~

Until next Team Building!!! 

See yah!


  1. I'm so happy na you enjoyed your team building jud labs. xD Makasuya ang balas. Haha. So sand-y! Hope to visit there!