May 21, 2014

Team Gahi's Oslob and Alcoy Escapade :1

This is our first team building as a complete group. It was a very fun and hilarious experience courtesy of Ms. Wella. We almost didn't spend a dime since we prepared for this for like a month (Thank you very much to all the articles that we have won >.< ). Get that? PREPARED! Ahahaha. To be honest, I wasn't supposed to to come along because of unforeseeable events but I was really grateful to my parents for their understanding, for permitting me to come along and that I get to join the fun. 

Our meeting place was at 7/11 just across the South Bus Terminal at around 4:30 - 5:00.  The first one to arrive was Ms. Wella followed by yours truly while we we're waiting for the others to arrived we noticed that some of our colleagues happen to have their own team building and what do you know their meeting place was surprise surprise at 7/11 too. 

When all of us had finally arrived, we discussed some minor details as to which bus to ride on whether an air conditioned one or not since we really need to wait for an hour and half for the former bus to arrive. And if we do that, we're way behind schedule and we literally don't want that. So at the end of our little discussion, we decided to go to the latter choice to not further the delay not noticing that it we actually landed on the first choice (air conditioned). Ahaha 

Though, the departure time was late than we expected it to be it didn't stop us from being excited and of course, taking "documentary" pictures here and there. Having the lack of sleep due to the impending excitement we dozed it off until we reach our destination. 

Our first stop will be Ms. Ian's hometown in Argao since we were invited to have breakfast at their place before we start our day. The drive from the city to Argao took about an hour or so. I slept until we reached Car-car from that point on, Ms. Renz and I chatted until we've finally arrived (Talk about being talkative) We stayed at Ms. Ian's aunt's house and I tell you, it was really nice--simple yet elegant. They were very accommodating especially Ms. Ian's parents plus, the food that was served was really Ma-shita!  *burps

After our stomachs were full.We proceeded to another pictorial session in the house

~Ms. Wella goes zzz~

~ Why are sticking your tongue out??~

~The complete set of Team Gahi~

~ A family picture???~

~ Selfie-selfie ~

~ Tea anyone?~

 We then change into our swimming attires, we make haste to prepare the things that were essentially needed for our escapade. Our next stop is the most awaited, most debated whale watching/ diving in Oslob. Oh yeah!



~ Oh banana leaf! you serve your purpose well!~

At last we have arrived 

After registering ourselves, we geared up and excitedly rode on the boat.
(Registration is 500 php per person and if you want to use an underwater camera another 500 php)

~ Baywatch? ohohoho~

Since most of us were pretty giddy about meeting the real deal. We didn't hesitate to jump into the sea to swim with the fishes and with the whale shark when the opportunity arises.



~I guess you can say we ditched the life vest when we realized we can't go under the sea without floating. I, on the other hand is not a good swimmer unlike my team mates even so, I did enjoy this moment even for quiet a while~


~ I got this cool pics too bad I can't swim underwater since I'm not much of a swimmer (Oops!)~

Of course, the rest of us managed to have fun despite the high tide and the salty sea (yuck! it burns your nose and your throat)



~ The real deal that I was talking about. It's practically huge!!! The other fishes we're following it and I find it so cute.  ~

Not all of us dived into the sea, some of us were just watching on the sidelines and witnessed some comical scenes unfold before there very eyes.


~Ms. Jonah and Ms. Ian poses for the camera ;)~

Let's pose for the big fish shall we?

One of the hilarious moments that has happened was when Ms. Wella, the one who was super duper excited about the whole whale watching, was shocked? or scared when she saw the real thing. She always swims so fast and even managed to shove me when the whale was approaching our way. As a result, she almost kissed a jelly face in the face as she hang for her dear life. (Now wonder the water stings it's because of these jelly fishes. >.<)


After much struggling and much wiggling. She was pulled up by our helpful team members.

Ms. Wella finally got on the boat with the err--safest position ever?

~The other half of it (Peace Ms. Wella ^_^) ~

But our time was up eventually and we need to head back to shore. We just laughed the whole way and did I mention that we're the loudest among the tourist? No? then yes we were. Ahahaha

The aftermath of our fun ended up in boisterous laughter. I guess this is the end...NOT. pffft apparently this is just the beginning. It would be a waste if I didn't get to share our next stop, wouldn't it? why else would the title of the post be two places when I only mentioned one, right?  But that we would be in another post. (cliff hanger alert!) 

Our next destination will be...

The beach in Alcoy. 

Hooray! Hooray! Rejoice everyone and stay tuned! ;)


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    1. Thank you ms. that was a really fun experience especially for me since it's my first time. :) Thank you for being one of those people who were a part of that memory. :)

  2. Amazing!!! Love it... Let's conquer the NORTH next time... heheh

    1. Yes. Lets.! I wonder what activities we should do next. Zip lining perhaps? ;P

  3. I'm glad that you experienced what I experienced! Haha.

    1. Yeah. I got to experience it. Finally. I had a lot of fun. Ahaha

    2. Wala diay mu nag rent ug underwater cam? :D