May 11, 2014

A Happy Mother's Day

Ina, Inay, nay,  mama, ma, mom, mommy, mum, omma, omoni, oka-san

These are just some of the words that we call out to the person who has a great influence in us our --mothers.

There may be such times when we think they're way too much just because we're now grown ups. Or we even sometimes think they fuss way too much on our clothes and the things that they think we can't handle on our own all because they think we're still babies. Don't forget, they didn't did that to let us think we're incompetent or to humiliate us. No they didn't. They did what they did simply because they love us and that's just one of their many ways of showing it to us. Through out their entire lives, our mothers showed us the support that we appreciated, the care that we long for, the understanding that we needed and the unconditional love that was given without asking in return.

On this day, 11th of May 2014 in this once in year event, let us express our love and appreciation to the person who endured, loved and supported us all the way. On this day, let us be thankful. This mother's day, let us treat them as queens and make them happy. You don't need to spend money just because its tradition or its your obligation as a child. You do it because that's what your heart tells you to do. Keep in mind that even the simplest thing that we do can brighten up their day and it's not about how expensive, grand or luxurious your present might be. It's all about that thought and you do out of love that counts.

And if your looking for ways to make your beloved mom smile here are some tips:

1. Be crafty about it! make a Mother's day card and if your too busy to make one you can just buy one with your personal dedication inside. 

2. Roses are red, Violets are blue treat your mother's to some FLOWERS  that's picked by you!

3. Head to toe service! Give her a relaxing massage or a make over that she deserves.


4.  Dine with the Queen! Treat your mom to a meal. 

5. Picture perfect! Capture the moment.

To all the mothers all over the world.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


To my beloved mom, 

I would also like to say a Happy Mother's day! 
I truly thank god for giving you to me. 
Thank you for everything and I love you forever. 

Love you Mom!

your daughter,

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