December 4, 2014

Throwback: Friends through and through

Tifa: Eh? She's calling
Mau: Keep smiling you guys Mac's about to take the shot.
Cherry: She's really calling. Shall we answer?
Tifa: No! Don't
(Cherry went ahead and swiped the screen)
Cherry: O.o the lock isn't working
Me: What are gonna do? it's  not ringing anymore.
Mau: Just keep smiling and be natural. Oh he says ready! cheese!

I miss this. ♥

Who would have thought that what we thought was an eminent down pour of rain turns out to be a ray of sunshine?

Sunshine in both the physical sense and the abstract sense. How wonderful must that have felt. I, too, am glad that I have a ray of sunshine with me. A sunshine that still glows even the sky is somber. A sunshine that when you feel cold, you'll be enveloped with warmth inside and out.

Thats what my friends are to me, a ray of sunshine. Bright, alive and real.

I miss this.

I miss them.

Let's do some of these next time guys.


Photo credits to Mau Sarcon


  1. HAHAHAHHAHA! Yeah! I remember it clearly. I miss girl moment. I love the caption btw. Haha. I think it's exactly what we said on that day. HAhaha

    1. Ahhaahha...I remembered some parts but it was too long so i kinda made it into a short cut. AHAHAhI miss girl bonding moments. Let's do it again. ♥

  2. Replies
    1. Tifa-chans classmate was calling her.. ~^_^~