December 1, 2014


It's the first day of December everyone!!!

What a good way to start the holidays other than by reading a good ole book. Oh, not just any book but The Hunger Games. I did mention that I was rereading them and did a synopsis to the last two in honor of the Mockingjay movie, didn't I?

Uhuh! Good memory you guys! so without further ado here's the last book of the best-selling series.


In the last and final installment of the The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Can we still say the odds are never in their favor?

We shall see...

Now, that there is no more District 12.


Upon learning that there is no more District 12, Katniss struggles her life in District 13 as she struggles in this new place and holding herself knowing that Peeta is in the capitol being held captive  Through her act of defiance the whole districts of Panem had now fully rise to a rebellion. Feeling somewhat manipulated as the fire who started the uproar , Katniss reluctantly agreed to be the "Mockingjay" (the symbol of rebellion) with conditions. 

She wants Alma Coin, President of District 13, vows to grant immunity among all Hunger games Tribute including Peeta who had previously made a propo (propaganda) to have a cease fire which made the people in 13 angry and deemed him traitor and most but not the least, she gets to kill President Snow.

A rescue team was sent to the Capitol to rescue the captive tributes as President Coins word after witnessing Katniss upheld her own. What seems to be a heartfelt reunion between her and Peeta turns out to be one excruciating reunion. Peeta didn't think twice of attacking her and claiming to her to be a mutt.

Torn, hurt and humilated Katniss shunned Peeta to the point of avoiding him and treat him with hostility.

In this last installment a thrilling and action packed adventure awaits.

What will Katniss do now that President Snow is on the hunt to make sure she's dead.

What will President Coin do in order to get what she wants?

Will Katniss and Peeta grow back together?

Will she know who the real enemy is?

And this time for sure...Will the odds be in her favor?



" I still have no idea. The effect you can have."


  1. Hahahhaha JUST LOVE THE MOVIED. ♥ Thanks for watching it with me Labs

    1. No problem.. I had a great time and I can't wait for the second part next year!♥

  2. I want to see the movie so bad...this post of yours is making me want to run to the nearest movie place!

    1. You should watch Yhannie. The movie was nice. ^O^