December 11, 2014

The Glow

Ever since I was a little girl I've always dreamed of being a princess. To find my Prince Charming one day and the idea of "Happily Ever After". I can say that this mainly the influence of watching too many Disney movies which I grew up with.

I can still remember the time, when my mom used to play "The Little Mermaid" on beta-max, she would left me sitting there watching while my mom would continue doing her unfinished task. Since then, I have always been a huge fan of Disney movies, in fact, I still am. Many years have already gone by and I still watch it whenever I have the time, just to relax, reminisce, cry, fall in love and have hope. This always manage to give me a boost whenever I feel down. For each movie, for each story, there's always a lesson to learn and thoughts to ponder.

But, do you know what I love about most of Disney's movies aside from their stories? It's their songs. ^_^ It has a lot of feels and majestic each in its own way. I hum and sing those songs whenever I feel like it.

Speaking of feels and majestic, here's a song that I just recently heard which made my day and made me glow.

The Glow 
by Shannon Saunders


We are a princess in each in our own way, we don't need a tiara for that to happen. We just need to believe in ourselves and trust in our hearts. 

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